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The Future of the 9-12 Project of Central PA

Dear Freedom-Fighters,

Since 2010, many valuable and active members of our group have moved away to distant places.  In addition, I had to shut my own business down, and go back to work as an employee, which severely constrained the time I could dedicate to this group.  For both of these reasons, we have not been very active for the past few years.

Recently, my wife and I have decided to move out-of-state ourselves.  So, at a meeting between the few remaining active board members (and other interested members), the decision was made that the best thing to do was to shut down the group.

Although this may seem sad at first, I believe there is some interest in starting a new group in Central Pennsylvania, under a new name.  The 9-12 label has always been difficult to explain to outsiders, in a sentence or less.  And, after suggesting the formation of groups under that name, Glenn Beck has not exactly provided much support or publicity that might have helped small groups such as ours to expand or advance our cause.  I am not criticizing him, and I admit he did tell us that the future of our individual efforts was basically up to us.

A group under the banner of the "Tea Party" or "Patriots" or some such recognizable name might have better luck attracting like-minded participants.

I intend to keep this site and the internet name running for several more months.  It can serve as a means to communicate with those of you who are interested in participating in a new group.

Personally, it was a wonderful experience working with all of you.  I have met many interesting, inspiring, and downright good people through this group, and it continues to be one of the best memories of my life.  For a while, we were an inspiration to some of the other nearby groups, and we helped a few of them to get started.  I wish you all the best in the future. 

For those of you starting a new group, please make sure it is founded on the solid principles of freedom, individual rights and the morality that are at the heart of the American experiment; and that it does NOT exist simply to support or oppose a particular political party or politician.  If this country is to recover from its currently inevitable decline - those principles are the things that will save it.

Best Regards,


Peter Trippett


August 2019

William Taylor Reil Nullification Documents

At our June meeting, our speaker, William Taylor Reil, told us about efforts to inform our state elected representatives about their power to nullify unconstitutional laws of the Federal government, and thus prevent enforcement of those laws within the state.

He has delivered many documents to our State Legislators about the concept of nullification, and asked that I provide those documents to everyone, via our website.

The following are links to each of the documents that Bill has provided...

Victory for State Sovereignty Letter 

NULLIFICATION - The “Rightful Remedy” for “ObamaCare”

Nullification in a Nutshell

It’s Time to Nullify the Real ID Act of 2005 and Its Regulations

An Unconstitutional Act is not Law!

The 14th Amendment Was Not Lawfully Adopted or Ratified!

There Is No Such Thing As “Case Law”

It's Time to Nullify Real ID and its Regulations

Red Tape Chokes True Liberty

Nullification Websites

14th Amendment Information Websites


Our elected officials ignore and scoff at our Constitution, the fundamental law of our republic. How can we restore respect for The Constitution and end this lawless tyranny? Learn how in the Articles of Freedom, the inspiring product of The Continental Congress 2009. This Congress was the first such meeting in over 200 years, yet received little notice in the press. Break the chains, refuse to be a victim of the main stream media, and educate yourself, your family, and your friends.

Judge Napolitano and Bob Shultz discuss The Articles of Freedom

Get your copy of the Official 2 Hour Highlight DVD from the Continental Congress 2009. This powerful DVD Includes presentation highlights from each speaker and delegate debates from the floor. Educate others in you community about the issues and why the Continental Congress is such a powerful tool to restore our Country. Running Time: 113 Minutes

Our Fall 2011 Newsletter Is Now Available

The fall 2011 edition of our newsletter is now available. Please be sure to share it with friends, family, and coworkers either by email or by printing it. You might even leave a few copies at the doctor's office or other establishment!

Download the Fall 2011 Newsletter (.pdf*)

*Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader, available free here.

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