The 9-12 Project of Central PA

"You Are NOT Alone!"

The March went very well..We had only a hand full who walk in the March.It started at the Willowbank with Ret: Buck Sgt. Dorie Adams opening with a brief prayer and the pledge to the flag.
Three of us went in and talked with folks from the planning commission ,about Agenda 21. Some are aware some were not .Channel 6 news did interview the ones who stayed outside.But did not air it as far as we know..
Every office we went to, we were greeted with respect, except Casey office were it was a LOCKED DOOR..The lady that came to the door said put it in a LETTER and that was about it..
We had only 4 signs...
1st. was, No to agenda 21 .. 2nd. United we Stand on Principles.. 3rd.Jury Nullification...4th. Honk for Liberty .
We had a lot of folks come up and ask us about Agenda 21,, a few asked about Jury Nullification and a ton of horn's honking.You had no trouble tracking us with the horns blowing..
The weather was great no rain until after the 2:00 ending,, it poured down rain as we left town..
We had 2 different offers asking if we needed any GUN's .Our response was NO, but it's not off the table, but just not yet lol.. 
We had many come up to talk with us The Man and Ladies On The Street, thanking us and how much they appreciated us for dong this march.
NOT ONE negative response ..
We stayed on time at each place.. We also called the Mayor and thank him for having us,, the next day ..
We have many Patriot's here in Centre County..And THAT'S GOOD NEW"S ...
Stay tuned there maybe a Veterans Day// March for Liberty ...

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