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In 1802, in Marbury vs. Madison, the Supreme Court siezed the power to uphold Acts of Congress, effectively ruling them as being within the bounds of the Constitution.  In so doing, they set their own fate, and the fate of this country.

The power to uphold a law ultimately means that the Supreme Court gets to decide which of our Individual Freedoms are Rights, and which are not.  If a group is opposed to any right, be it free speech, religion, the right to enter contracts or not according to your will, or the right to carry arms in defense of yourself or your family, all they need do is manage to get 5 judges appointed to this court who agree with them, and those judges will uphold any law limiting the undesired freedom.

This is an awesome power - and is the same power wielded by dictators and tyrants throughout history - the power to define the rights of other individuals.  The word for a person who permits others to define his rights is: SLAVE.  The desire to wield this power explains why the election of a president is considered to be so critical, because of his ability to appoint justices to the Supreme Court.

The United States was founded by men who realized that our Individual Rights are NOT defined by government, judges, or even a Constitution.  They are granted us by our Creator - an unalienable fact of our existence.

Today, the Court proved why this power is unjust, and why it must be removed.  Despite what they say, the Constitution does not convey an unlimited power to tax, for any purpose that Congress convinces themselves will enhance the General Welfare.

This ruling gives government the power to wield the tax code as a punative measure, to punish those who don't do what the government wishes by imposing a "tax" upon them.

The purpose of Government is to protect our unalienable individual rights.  You don't protect our rights by violating them.  The Supreme Court has lost sight of this fact, and is thus irrelevant.  Freedom-loving people across this country are rapidly finding themselves in the same situation as our founders did, facing a monsterous government that recognizes no limits on its power.

And today, the Supreme Court just enhanced this power, adding another veil of legitimacy to what is essentially the rule of thugs.  This will destroy individual rights and freedom in this country, and I for one do not recognize it as valid.  I no longer consent to be governed by those who do not recognize my rights!

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