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Dear President Obama (,

You asked for a report of any misinformation about Healthcare being spread on the internet.

I found something that really scares me. It comes from a very powerful organization, is intended to fool the people, and if people start believing in it, it will end any effort to implement real changes in our healthcare system!

On the website, there is a document, that is over 1000 pages in length. The link to it can be found here:

This document advocates many tax increases and penalties on the people, that are in direct violation of your promise not to raise taxes on people making less than $250,000.

It states that all Traditional Health Insurance plans must conform to a government Qualified Health Benefit Plans, which is a violation of your promise that we would be able to keep our existing insurance plans.

It removes the option of Health Savings Accounts, or Medical Savings Accounts, again in violation of your promise that we would be able to keep our existing insurance plans.

It will force private insurance companies to compete with a publicly-funded insurance plan, which will drive up premiums of those private plans, forcing poor people out of those private plans and into the public plan, again in violation of your promise that we would be able to keep our existing plans.

Many people have been fooled into thinking that the plan outlined in this document will be good for them, and will lead to free, lower-cost, and very good healthcare. The organization promoting it is powerful enough to force all of us to have to follow this plan, but have arrogantly stated that they, themselves, will not have to use it!

People believe that the plan will take those evil, rich insurance companies out from between them and their doctors, but haven't been told that the powerful organization that is promoting the plan will then be in a postion to affect all medical decisions.

People have not been told that the plan is a direct violation of the Ninth and Tenth Amendment of our Constitution, which you have solemnly promised to uphold and protect.

The powerful organization promoting this plan is now reporting that people who object to it are being paid to do so by rich, evil insurance companies. I assure you that I am one of those people, and I am just a regular citizen, and haven't received even a dime from anyone. This piece of misinformation, now being rapidly propagated by many websites and media agencies is particularly insulting to my intelligence!

Please put a stop to the organization promoting this gross misinformation. This organization is literally so powerful, that the only person who can stop them is the President of the United States!

Thank-you very much!


Peter Trippett

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Comment by Nick Adams on August 6, 2009 at 4:57pm
I think they should fire all those involved in this misinformation scam.Place all whos doing this in jail !!!
Iam in favor of making them serve .
1. care of the eldery and those who are not able to take care of themselfs. our churchs feed the homeless
3.clean our public halls and drink the same foods as the next man
5. use this system of care they want us too even if it doesnt pass
6. iam sure with more time i can come up with more
Comment by Suzanne Jordan on August 26, 2009 at 9:02pm
Just out of curiosity...did you recieve a reply? I'm sure if you had it would be priceless ;)
Comment by Peter Trippett on August 26, 2009 at 11:27pm
Sorry, no reply. And now, they have shut down this email address!


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