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There was a letter to the editor of the CDT opposing healthcare, which sparked another discussion on the CDT website. I added my opinion, as follows:

Those of you who are supporting this national healthcare bill are ignoring the fundamental injustice of it.

If I came into your home, and demanded you give me your money at gunpoint, and then I donated that money to the most worthy charity out there, it would still be wrong!

That is exactly what you are doing! You are saying that you have a right to another man's wealth and freedom, because your cause is worthy. And you are using the full power of the US government as your weapon. You justify this by saying that "we (on the left) won the election!".

Democracies throughout history have failed when the majority have realized they can vote themselves benefits at the expense of the minority. That is why our founding fathers established a Republic, not a Democracy! The Constitution limits the power of the Federal Government, exactly to prevent this sort of abuse.

The sad part is, this is all so unnecessary. There are solutions that preserve freedom!

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Comment by Teresa McCloskey on August 7, 2009 at 8:20pm


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