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"You Are NOT Alone!"

  • For me, I see the Constitution as wagon wheels. They have carried us for over Two Hunderd years, and the wagon is fully loaded. It has been a bumpy ride as well as some smooth sailing but, along the way many of the spokes have been bent and some broken. Now the wheels are wobbly and about to fall off.It is time that we pull the wagon over to fix the spokes, Not replace them with high grade steel or anything fancy but with the same material as before. They knew how to build a good wheel in the old days. This is how I see the Articles Of Freedom, as New spokes. Yes it takes time and yes it's alot of work to fix them but, one thing is very clear; we have no wheels that would or could ever replace them, for they are one of a kind. For me, I sure would love to stay on the journey.

!!!! Bring America Home !!!!

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