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"You Are NOT Alone!"

Here is what I wrote for the Open Letter Petition:

To all of our branches of government, and to the media:

All of you have a sacred duty to uphold and protect our constitution. All of you are abdicating that duty!

To the Supreme Court:

The wording in the Bill of Rights is clear and unambiguous. Your duty is to prevent the government from impinging on those rights and freedoms that are inherent to all of us. It seems to me, that if there is any doubt at all, YOU MUST RULE IN FAVOR OF FREEDOM, and not in favor of the government.

To Congress and the President:

You all work for We the People. It is not your job to create expensive programs, that benefit the majority at the expense of the minority. Can't you see that for every action you take, you are increasing the power and size of government, at the expense of the freedom of the people? If all of these programs and expenditures are SO important, how have we as a country survived and thrived for over 200 years without them? If our founding fathers had established a national Health Care system in 1776, would we be even better off now? The answer is - NO! STOP THE SPENDING! TURN AROUND! START SHRINKING GOVERNMENT BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!

To the Press:

Your constitutionally guaranteed role in our government is the most important one. As a Conservative, I had no problem with you holding a magnifying glass to every action taken by our previous president and congress. It is your job to be skeptical and distrustful of government. But I beg you to PLEASE start applying that same skepticism to our current government.

If George Bush wants to listen to everyone's phone conversations, in order to fight terrorism - I want you watching him like a hawk, to be sure that power is not abused! I want you to publicly question the constitutionallity of such a power, and to be a thorn in his side every step of the way!

Likewise, if Barack Obama wants to implement a massive government Health Insurance program, I want you to question every aspect of that as well. How will it affect our already-failing economy? How do we prevent the government from using this program as an excuse to gain more power over our lives? Will the program lead to a shortage of physicians, since, when the government starts controlling costs, that may no longer be a lucrative profession?

We are on the brink of losing the freedoms that have made this the greatest country on the planet. I ask all of you to stop and look at what you are doing, before it is too late!

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