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Mark Brady Surgery Update - Sunday 6/19

Received this from Mark today!
Hi Everyone:
This is Mark!
I'm at my Aunt Marlyn's house resting and relaxing.
Still sore in the head, but that is to be expected. Doctor's releases me on
Friday 6/17 at noon. I was making miraculous progress and felt anymore stay in
the hospital would not be beneficial to my recovery. The surgery from what I
hear was a major success.
At first, doctors were alarmed because the extensive
scar tissue over the tumor re-growth would make it an 8 hour plus surgery. But,
the scar tissue had encapsulated the tumor to where it was easy to resect and
debunk! The surgery only lasted from 9:00 to a little after noon! I was taken to
recovery and then the ICU at 1:30 pm on 6/14. Only 20 hours later, the next
morning (Wednesday 6/15) at 10:00 am doctors moved me to my hospital room. That
afternoon I was walking with assistance with PT trainers.  On Thursday 6/16, I
was walking on my own gingerly around the hospital several times... kinda like a
person who had a lobotomy... LOL!  My Aunt and doctors said I could be released
as early as the next day... Friday 6/17!
I feel good, although I have a headache and soreness
around my ear a front of the brain. My neck is tight too! Also, I'm very
very tired... feels like two Mack trucks hit me I guess this is the case with this surgery? I will be going
back to the hospital on Thursday for a doctor visit. They will be taking the
sutures off and also let me know of my progress! I will keep you informed
I thank you for all your prayers and support. Positive
caring thoughts are so important for a miraculous recovery from the patient and
all others involved... this is what happened 
God Bless You All...
ps. Talk to you soon... I have a wonderful story to tell
you later when I get my strength...

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