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Democrats avoiding town hall meetings this year...rule or represent us?

Apparently dealing with the great unwashed is not as fun as it used to be when they could balm it all on the other guys.

Maybe they suspect we are more then a little ticked about scams like the health care bill
- where is the Constitutional authority to force every one into a corporate contract?
Or the threat of adding another shovel or two on the economic casket with Cap and trade
- might have the people a little hot under the collar?
Or the anti-right to work card check legislation to subsidize union formation and suppression of the free market labor force?
Or the parade of criminals who inhabit the White house
- Gees If I don't pay my taxes - can I get a white house job running the IRS?
Or the total lack of transparency from the broken promises to post the bills
on the internet 5 days before they were to be voted on or the burying of the audit the FED bill..
Or a supreme court nominee who rues the problem that socialism did not take hold in the early 1900's
Or is it the debt and the junk bond status the US Government is heading towards...

So where are those politicians anyway?

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Comment by Wendy Brown on June 8, 2010 at 1:03pm
This addresses a subject that has been under my skin since Rick Santelli's Chicago Mercantile Exchange outburst.
It's exactly analogous to the Chinese tour guide taking American tourists to Tiananmen Square because it could not be avoided, and when asked about what happened in 1989, stating that there was a small protest by a few radical or anarchist students a number of years ago which quickly dispersed when no one came. Further, the guide(s) are genuinely shocked when people laugh or comment because that is what they were told and what they believe. Further, if a tourist actually has the nerve to whisper to them later that was not what happened; that 3000 people died and the guide should check that privately, it is brushed off American propoganda.

The strategy has alway been to kill our voices by the tried and true method of 'shunning', in the religious and primitive societal sense, as much as is practical to the corrupt politicians. In other words, if our statements do not exist and we simply do not exist, we have no power and will die the death of those truly and completely shunned.
These experienced politicians understand their power and manipulation of press and people well. And being shrewd, THEY ARE GETTING BETTER AT 'SHUNNING' WITH EACH PASSING HOUR! The Town Halls were simply their first large scale attempt to do what they had been doing. Hope to stack the deck and figure that the rest of us would march along or be silent. This was just the usual mini-shun that has worked for years. But that backfired. So looking back on the past year plus, we see that with each passing day they try to make us less and less existant by any means possible. If the only events for them show adoring benifactors that is what will be reported. If the only statements about marches on Washington or Capitals are falsly that 75000 or a few showed up, they know that a vast number of people will think that.

HOWEVER, since the NY Times is reporting this, I am a bit more hopeful that perhaps with continued pressure, this behavior and it's corrupt nature can become evident to all.

Thanks for posting this article!


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