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An immigration solution that will reduce the cost of government !

Immigration law in Arizona first and foremost violates the Fourth Amendment of the US Constitution which states "The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized." This being said the "solution" that the Arizona Legislature enacted does not really fix the real problem that draws folks over the board to the United States.

The reason for much of illegal immigration has to do with the law of supply and demand. The market is looking for the cheapest and most efficient workforce and the labors/worker is looking for a job that pays better wages than offered in his own country. The employers in the US that hire illegal immigrants do so in order to keep their costs down so that they be competitive with other firms who have outsources to other countries that offer cheaper labor.

Right now US employers are forced by federal and state minimum wage laws and unions to provide benefits and wages that make it impossible to compete with the world labor market. In addition the cost of taxes on the legal employee in terms of Social Security, Medicare, and now the new Health Care system are a huge burden which is lifted if they hire an illegal who does not pay these taxes.

If we attack immigration with the same methods as we did with the "war on alcohol" or the "war on drugs" then we are just increasing the size of an already bloated government and placing even more burden on the citizenry of the US. We must look for a better solution to solve this problem.

What we must do is remove the minimum wages laws and disband the welfare state. This will do two things. First when we get rid of food stamps, Social Security, Medicare, and disability insurance, subsidized housing and other welfare programs. This will insure first and foremost that those folks coming to this country are coming to work and not live off the system.

Doing the above as well as abolishing the minimum wage will also stop the mentality of some Americans who deem jobs beneath them due to the wage they pay. Right now those on welfare programs and unemployment hold out for a better paying job since they are making more money sitting around collecting a check from the government then current jobs available.

Many will say that if we abolish the minimum wage will increase the amount of folks in the working poor category. While this is true if we keep the same fiat currency system that allows inflation to steal the value of your money as it sits in your wallet. We must move to a system that is recognized by the Constitution. A monetary system backed by gold and/or silver. Currency that is backed by a valued commodity such as silver or gold will hold it's value. An example is as follows:

For example on this subject and how these precious metals hold and maintain their purchasing power over time, let’s go back about 3,000 years during the rein of Cesar in the Roman Empire.

If you walked into a robe maker (tailor) back then with a one a ounce gold coin you could of purchase a robe, tunic, sash, sandals, a walking stick, buy yourself a fine meal, a nights stay at an inn (their term for hotel) and in the morning on your way out of town have enough money to purchase a few goats and sheep. Now let’s fast forward 3,000 years to today’s date. With a one ounce gold coin providing you are a male, you could purchase a nice suit, dress shirt, tie, belt, underwear, socks, shoes, attaché case, have enough money for a nice meal at a pricey restaurant, stay in a beautiful hotel plus have enough money leftover to grab a cab ride home. How can that be you ask? Since gold fluctuates daily on the market, right now it’s running on an average of $670 (June 2007) per ounce, and certain Numismatic Coins are delivering a much higher gains based on their mint, numismatic date and condition. So tell me… based on $670 an ounce for spot gold, can you or can you not receive everything I mentioned above for $670? Of course you can!

So in closing, ending welfare and entitlement programs, abolishing the minimum wage as well as returning to a gold/silver standard will not only reduce the illegal immigration problem but will strengthen the economy and reduce unemployment. Not to mention the reduction in government which will in turn reduce the cost and thus lower our tax burden!!!

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