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10th District Race - Some Insight Into The Candidates

I'm guessing there aren't many of you, my fellow 10th district residents, on this forum, but for those of you that are out there, I had the opportunity to see the three candiadtes running against Chris Carney (yeah, that guy) in a debate tonight so I thought I would pass along my thoughts and impressions. So here goes:

Overall: All three candidates have strong conservative values. All three are strict constitutionalists and believe in limited government. All three gave answers to the questions that didn't give me heart burn. No birthers or truthers or other nutty positions. All thee believe we need new leadership to change Congress. All three would be far better than Carney. All three pledged to support whoever wins the primary and runs against Carney.

David Madiera: I was impressed that all of his answers were grounded in the constitution. He really knows the content of the constitution and intent of the ammendments. He was the most articulate of the three. The guy speaks very well and I thought he won the debate. He has strong family values. He was a small buisness owner and understands how the financial system works. He also undserstands healthcare since he was a chiropractor. He pledged to have an open door policy and never refuse to see a constituent.

Malcom Derk: Malcom is a township supervisor. He is very young but has a surprising amount of experience. I thought he gave very solid answers that were evidence of his experience in governing. He also has strong family values and is a very down to earth person. He is not as talented a speaker as Madeira. He seems to have a very good grasp on what is wrong with government and what he would do to change it. He would be a very solid conservative vote.

Tom Martin: Tom is a former Federal prosecutor. He was the least articulate of the three which surprised me given his former job. His answers to the questions were also solid, just not very well articulated. He is a second generatrion American and grew up in a blue collar family so his values are blue collar - hard work, family and honesty. He didn't go to college until he was 30 - prior to that he worked in a bakery as a laborer. He has apparently been the object of a smear campaign by the democrats - a claim of a loose tie to organized crime. He confronted the issue and I thought his answer to it was credible.

While I like all three of these guys, I've decided I'm supporting David Madiera because I believe he has the best chance of beating Carney. His speaking skills are sure to give him an advantage in a debate against Carney. His solid understanding of the constitution is going to be hard for Carney to answer to. He's a very personable solid guy - easy to talk to. He will win votes.

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