The 9-12 Project of Central PA

"You Are NOT Alone!"

The journey we have embarked on is like a boat ride .It starts out nice and slow with calm waters.But soon around the bend it gets into rough waters which is expected.

However the river rises quickly and things get very rough.Some want to jump out of the boat but now cant the river has high cliffs on both sides and no way out.Some panic and jump anyhow only to be sweept away.

Others look to God and Pray but the water gets deeper and is moving even faster.Soon the people relize they only have each other to hang onto.

The captain is a man of God and says have Fatih I know my boat and we will be just fine if you just Believe. Its not long they see the cliffs arent as high and the water is slowing and its a new part of the journey ahead with an even stronger FAITH and yes the journey has only just begun.  


Stand With God He Is The Captain of This Ship...

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