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First, thank you, Theresa for making this spectacular site! You have put so much detail into the site. I especially love the music! It's that attention to detail that makes it rock! Thanks, Theresa!

I know all of you are anxious to keep the momentum going and get things up an running. Many of you have already thrown out ideas for organizing. I love hearing your interests and what we can do to get things going. There is much that we can do through electronically, so let's get going with a few thoughts.

Anyone interested in having a book discussion group? Many of you have mentioned that you have or are reading the 5000 Year Leap. Seems like a good place to start. Anyone want to take the lead on that? Maybe we could get a time to meet at Barnes and Noble to schedule an open time where the general public is invited to join the discussion.

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Sounds like a good idea...I haven't read the book yet but I've been wanting to.
The title is "The Real George Washington" by Jay Perry. There is also "The Real Thomas Jefferson" and "The Real Benjamin Franklin." I have heard GB read from them over the years and it always gets the attention of many listeners. So, as they say, so many little time! Good luck with Sookie!

Theresa A. Nelson said:
First, you are most welcome. I like creating these pages. Just a note to all that you can do the same to your own pages. You have a "jukebox" of your own, you can put up photos and videos. Everything you see on the Main Page is there for you to do on your own page. The Chat feature is also enabled now.

Now...getting to your question...

Kevin just pointed out that we actually have the "5000 Year Leap" so I'm game! Alternating that with my goal to finish the Sookie Stackhouse novels will be a challenge but I'm really curious about the book. Count me in!

While I'm thinking of it, what was the whole title of the George Washington book Glenn Beck showed on Friday's show? And the author? Since we share a birthday and he's the father of our country, I'd like to check that book out.
I am definitely game for a book discussion on The 5000 Year Leap, in addition to any other books we decide on such as "The Real..." series. I like the idea of having it at Barnes and Noble. I can call them to find out how to reserve space, etc. Then we just need to decide on a good time for those interested. I guess we need to make sure we give people enough time to read it. I've started it, and it's a great read so far. I'm looking forward to meeting and talking about it!
Great point, Kris and I were talking about that yesterday.

Theresa A. Nelson said:
Since we're talking books, I may deliberately find something the opposition is reading. Might as well know thy 'enemy.'
Certaintly an excellent option. It will be interesting to see how so many personalities will blend together and sharing ideas through reading and a period of discussion would help to keep us focused and unified on central ideas and of course shared prinicples and values.

What are some ways you see us moving? When I think of what needs to be done between now and six months and now and the 2010 election, we certainly have our work cut out for us. What are your areas of interest? I know we want to have meetings, what do you see the meetings like? I think we will start with our meetings scheduled from 5:30 to 7:00. Maybe we could have a discussion group after that.

I look forward to your input. Thanks for responding to the discussion boards.

Wayne Stottlar said:
Great idea Kris!. The "lovely and talented " did do a great job on the site, and obviously has more sense than Kevin ( Nice call Teresa on the new Chuck Taylors ;-) ) Any, a discussion group could be incorporated into a regular meeting, maybe spend 15-20 mintues discussing a chapter and then on to other business. Keep it moving so ideas can flow.
I just wanted to jump in on a couple of topics here:

1) Re: 2009/2010 Elections - This year's races are just shaping up and won't be fully fleshed out until after March 25, when the primary ballots are finalized. Up to and including 3/25, those who submitted nominating petitions are able to withdraw their names. I will try to post up some thoughts on key races this year and next sometime soon.

2) Reading Group - I would really love to see this get started and be a part of it. A conservative book group is something I've been talking about starting through the local GOP for a few years now, but there are always too many infrastructural or campaign-related concerns to get it moved off the back burner. I believe that one of the fundamental political problems facing the Republican Party, not to mention existential crises of the conservative movement, is an inability to articulate a palatable message, stemming from a general lack of understanding of core philosophy. Sure, we can talk about cutting taxes, but we need to get back to explaining WHY cutting taxes is the right thing to do. I'm not just talking about supply-side economics either, although that's part of it. More broadly, what are the philosophical underpinnings of the argument that I deserve to keep more of what I earn, and that my family, neighbors, and community will all ultimately be better off when we do? You've got to understand that, really own it down in your gut, before you can explain it in a way that connects large populations.

Being able to come back to the experiences and ideas of the Founders with a fresh set of eyes and hear what others are thinking and feeling about that same process would be great. I would suggest starting with The 5,000 Year Leap - it sounds like a fascinating read, a good place to start the journey described above, and already has some momentum behind it b/c of Glenn. I really like the idea of monthly meetings at Barnes & Noble. In the interim, we could do message board threads breaking down discussion of each chapter or section.

I would surely love to take a leadership role in this, but my plate is overflowing, and I could not commit to doing a thorough job. I would, however, be willing to contribute to organization on a limited basis.
I like the idea of the book discussion group meeting at Barnes and Noble as well.

I think after a few meetings we should start considering officers. We can use that time to get to know eachother well enough to see who might be a good fit for different positions. Having officers will help the group run smoothly and we will be more efficient.


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