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I understand you do not want to bite the hand that feeds you. However, when any official of the United States Government violates the Supreme Law of the Land (Article 6 Section 1 clause 2 and Article 6 Section 1 clause 3) that officer also violates the State Constitution, which you have sworn an Oath to uphold, which is presumably equal to the Military Oath to Defend this Nation and its Constitution against all Enemies both Foreign and Domestic. Our Soldiers go to foreign countries to fight battles to protect your State, your office and your job, and when they come home they expect Justice in the Courts, not a Judiciary or an Executive, which treats their Sacrifices with Contempt. It is your responsibility to insist upon an investigation of the wayward and unlawful behavior of the IRS and Federal Government in the State in which you serve.  Remember, in the State you are Governor, your Power is Superior to that of the Federal Government and the people of the State expect you to exercise it or turn in the badge of your office. Quit being a Political Prostitute!


Paper Corporations cannot Lawfully bring Criminal charges against any private resident of any State without the charges being brought ex rel on behalf of the Paper Corporation by some Flesh and Blood Agent willing to submit a Sworn Affidavit under penalties of perjury that their claims are True, Correct, Complete, and Not Misleading, the Truth, the Whole Truth, and nothing but the Truth.


The 6th Amendment guarantees the Private person the right to face their accuser on the witness stand and be able to cross-examine their accuser.


As a Governor, please explain how any Private person can cross-examine the United States of America, or any State (A Paper Corporation), for that matter on the witness stand.


Randy Due (Civil Rights Advocate) Non-union Lawyer pursuant to 42 USC § 1986

179 Green St. E.

Pelham, Georgia 31779



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