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We the People, at least that is what our core convictions were founded on. Our Consitution empowers the people first and gives us the authority and power over our government and not the other way around. All throughout our recent history the government in Washington DC has trampled upon the rights of the people. Once they felt that they had us under control and in their grip they helped themselves to lavish perks all at our expense.

I propose that We the People take over. Let us take over by purposing in our use of the one freedom that has been left to us by the government and seldom is used resposibly. The Freedom of the Vote. Let us purpose that we will not vote for any one for Congress or the Senate that recieves any earmarks. Let us purpose to only support those who believe that America deserves to know the truth when it comes to the expendtures of our money. Instead of getting up in arms over AIG Bonuses, we should be up in arms over the millions of dollars that congress has taken in the way of "campaign Contributions" from companies that have recieved bailouts.

We the people are the only ones that can impose term limits. We can chose not to support any canidate who has made a career out of pilaging the public coffers. Who in the right mind can support using $350,000.00 of the tax payers money to make a tunnel under a road for toads,frogs lizzards and newts? Or the 1,000,000.00 to study the reasons people get mad when they wait to play tennis on public courts?

The problem with Washington, Harrisburg and other places that the "public servants" congregate to solve our problems is the inheirant need of the politian for an issue to raise money. Therefore they have no vested interest in solving the real problem. They use the problem, renamed an issue for all kinds of fundraising and finger pointing and pulling to get under the skin of folks who actually work for a living. The Democrats blame the Republicans and the Republicans do likewise in blaming the Democrats, and the losers in the who issue are We the People....

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to solve most problems, a few good God Fearing people could offer up common sense solutions to most of our Nations ills at a backyard barbque. Our borders would be protected, criminals would be in jail, child molesters and the like would be summarily executed and the tax code would be much easier to understand. But to that the Washington Politicians would say,we really can't do that, because if we allowed people with common sense to solve the problems, how would we earn a living? The Barney Franks, the Harry Reids and the Chris Dodds just to name a few would not have a clue as to how to make a living if We the People took over...

The Idea of the TEA PARTY is a start in what really needs to take place in our Nation.. We need a Party of We the People... and We the people need to show up every election day, at every town hall meeting, any and everywhere our money is being spent to remind those who do the spending who really is in charge.... We the People!

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Comment by Bob on April 15, 2009 at 10:52pm
Welcome James....Like your statement....You have it pretty well covered.


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