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"Removing the TV from the home is the only hope for people who still believe that living in a free society is possible." -- Mike Rogers

Do you want freedom? Do you want REAL change/reform? You cannot have this if the majority of American population are drugged... Mr. Rogers hits the nail on the head! Please read this informative article...

The Plug-In Drug Redux

by Mike (in Tokyo) Rogers

.".. although you won't appear on any public wanted lists, the American Government will consider you a dangerous enemy if you try to start a movement for people to throw their television sets away... television is the Government's way to keep people subdued, illiterate and brainwashed and there won't be any thanks from them if you try to change it."

~ Andrew Taylor, UK, IT Journalist

.".. Already long ago, from when we sold our vote to no man, the People have abdicated our duties; for the People who once upon a time handed out military command, high civil office, legions – everything, now restrains itself and anxiously hopes for just two things: bread and circuses"

~ From Satire X of the Roman poet Juvenal, late 1st and early 2nd century CE

Removing the TV from the home is the only hope for people who still believe that living in a free society is possible. This is the critical issue when any discussing of the negative effects of television are to be considered. My previous article The Plug-In Drug appeared on this particular website as it is a place where I consider "free-thinking people" to gather. Nevertheless some readers criticized it using very curious and illogical arguments.

If you believe that our entire current political and social debacle cannot be attributed to the wide infiltration of television in all aspects of our lives, then you are truly blind. Television is the modern-day opiate of the masses, used by our rulers to provide us with the bread and circuses that keep our minds off the critical issues at hand.

Serious thought must be given towards television; how it came about, by whom, and for what purpose? Before anyone can make a fair and honest assessment as to the question "Do the benefits of television outweigh the negative effects for the average person or family as a whole," once again, I strongly say, absolutely and definitely they do not. Television is the modern day disease that is ruining our minds, bodies, family, and society as a whole. It is a monstrously gross understatement to say that there is no good argument that shows that the benefits of television outweigh the negative effects on a person, family, or society.


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Comment by Peter Trippett on August 27, 2009 at 4:04pm
Although I understand the spirit the author intended, I am not sure I agree with the solution. The basic argument seems to be that we are all helpless victims of our television sets, and that watching TV will somehow degrade our intelligence, and our moral standards, and will brainwash us.

This "helpless victim" mentallity is exactly the same as liberals use to justify much of their agenda. And, it is the same argument that liberals are using to attempt to get Rush Limbaugh, and other talk-show hosts, off the air! They seem to believe that Rush Limbaugh somehow compells listeners to tune in to his show, and get brain-washed!

The philosophy of Freedom does not cast human beings in the role of helpless victims. As a free man, I can choose to watch TV, or not. If I watch, and I don't like the message in a TV show, I can turn it off. There are TV shows I enjoy, and ones I hate. I choose not to watch the ones I hate. I recognize when a TV show carries some message, and I can choose to accept or reject that message.

If you could somehow eliminate all TV's in the country, you still have the internet, movie theatres, radio shows, books, magazines, and newspapers. All of those media could be used to diseminate the same propaganda that this article blames on the television.

For a historical perspective, my Mom tells me that when she was young, before TV, the family used to gather around the radio, to listen to their favorite shows, just as families do today with TV.

Like guns, a televesion is not inherently evil or good. It is a machine. It has no will of its own. Like any other object, it can be used for evil or for good.

If your argument is that Federal Government and media are becoming way too close for comfort, then I agree! But, there are solutions to that problem! It gives me some hope that Glenn Beck's TV show, which is in a pretty lousy time slot, is so popular! It tells me that people aren't mindless robots, being brainwashed by their TV sets.
Comment by Mark Brady on August 31, 2009 at 8:02pm
Hi Peter, I understand your argument. I believe the author’s argument is from a TV “free” perspective, though. Mr. Rogers has not had TV for quite some time now and I myself have not had TV for nine year. I can see Mike's point(s) clearly. One can only understand what he is saying by experiencing what he has experienced. I don’t see the argument as the “helpless victim” mentality. We all have a choice in life; I chose to eliminate my TV. I could have chose to keep the TV and selectively watch the message(s) I like, or watch the TV shows I like. If recognize an unhealthy viewing message, therefore; I could choose myself to accept or reject that message. But, if I tell myself this… is this truly the case? I think what the article is trying to point out is TV, as a whole is the main media source (physical TV, Books, Newspaper print) we gather in our information/entertainment experience. This is directed one way, and filtered and absorbed one way. The process directed to the person, through TV shows, entertainment, entertainment news, politics, sports, etc can simplify a persons thinking and reasoning. Simply… “Bread and Circuses” handed out. Now the Internet is interactive (two-way), but still can be used to disseminate the same propaganda that this article seems to blame on TV. But, the channels are still open. The problem is we are living in an information technology society, where information is so prevalent. A person has to really decipher the misinformation and disinformation involved in the open (for now) Internet. Hard tasks too say! …Knowledge and truth is the systematic elimination of information :-)

Have you heard of Judge Napolitano? Not having TV or radio I don’t see his show, yet I am familiar with it from Internet channels and blogs. I like his freedom message, although I’m still a bit leery… a critic with that whole TV broadcasting thing…


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