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The tea parties are just the beginning, the tip of the proverbial iceburg. Much like an iceburg which often most of its mass is beneath the water line, hidden from the view of one observing the iceberg from a ship. The Patriot Movement is far greater than the outward demonstration displayed through out the Nation this past week. Much of the movement is behind the scenes, hidden from the probing eyes of the likes of the CNN Reporter in Chicago on Wednesday.

The British were taken by suprise to learn of the depth of the original patriot movemnt in the 1770's what had thought to be just a minor rebellion grew to the neighbouring colonies in short order. If we learn one thing from our fore fathers let it be this. The stealth call for patriots to come to the aid of the Republic. We have an election coming up on May 19th. Anyone wishing to Vote in this election must be registered to do so no later than Monday the 20th of April. This election is for the local offices around the county and will be a test for next years Senate and Congressional elections.

I know there are those who think this does not count, but it does. These are the people that will for the most part make the decisions that effect us locally. They have the power to tax you into the poor house and to spend just as wastefully as the guys in Harrisburg and Washington DC.

What would be said if the grassroots effort that was displayed this week goes underground for this election? We will be written off as a bunch of nuts that wanted to have a touchy feely hand holding, sign waving, horn honking session and thats about it. The test of any grass movement effort is its abillity to get an educated group of voters to the polls to vote as a block for members of the electorate that agree with and support their efforts.
Let's not wait until the 2010 election to make a difference.
There is a call for Patriots gouing out for this upcoming election. A call to come together at the polling places and overwhelm the system. If the supervisor of elections sees a large turnout for an "unimportant" primary.. and believe you me, no primary should ever be considered not important, then what message will be sent to Harrisburg and Washington DC? If in the next primary, we reject the tax and spend ideals held by both parties what message will be sent for an incumbant to loose in a primary? The Message being sent will be that Patriots have rallied and answered the call to usher in a revolution of freedom and liberty. (Remeber the word Revolution comes from the Word REVOLT... thats what the Tea party was a Revolt against Taxation and Socailism and wasteful Spending...)

Heed the call for Patriots this coming election.. get informed.. get moving..Vote for REAL CHANGE and Start at HOME!

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