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Ron Paul: Obama corporatist not a socialist

Article makes distinctions between socialism and corporatism. Offered in the spirit of learning still something more:

Thanks to all who participated in the Tea-Parties today


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Comment by David Moyle on April 18, 2010 at 4:34pm
It's a good article. Funny how all the pieces fit together better when you get a glimpse of the whole picture. In the context of right and left corporatism, the policies of illegal imigration, bailouts, increasing regulation, education, political correctness and healthcare all make more sense. It's easier for big corporations to succeed over small business when the government stacks the deck in their favor. It lets the government pick winners and losers. Bush favored foreign oil and corporations like Haliburton, Obama favors green energy and coporations like GE and Google. If their relationships with big business were a dance, then Bush let Wall St. lead and Obama wants to do the leading - I guess in that respect, you could certainly say he is more socialistic than Bush. But the politicians won't be able to dance forever. Soon the band will want to be paid in cash rather than credit and they won't take dollars.


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