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On Iraq: Obama Silence is Deafening . Stand by his WORDS in Cairo or Support the Iranian Theocracy?

At the end of the Gulf War in 1991, George HW Bush failed to support the pro-democracy forces that revolted against Saddam Hussein. The result was a brutal massacre and ethnic cleansing and 12 more years of Saddam and another deadly war.

Now, Mr. Obama encourages democracy forces in Iran during his Cairo speech to the Muslim world, then says nothing about the brutal theocratic dictatorship as they brutally suppress all protest.

It is clear that without action by the West – read the United States, this peaceful protest will be brutally crushed by the heavy handed theocratic dictators of Iran. And like the inaction of America to support democracy following the Gulf War, tens of thousands of Iraqis will pay a heavy price. Only Iran has nuclear weapons in the near term, so the stakes for Iranians and the world are much greater.

To quote President Obama from his Cairo speech, ”elections alone do not make true democracy.” What will it be, Mr. President? Words or deeds?



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