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Conservative thinking is not dangerous, harmful for your health, immoral or radical. That is unless you are apart of the growing problem in the Republic. Our founding fathers were thought to be extremist radicals, not by those who longed for freedom or representation in the English Government of King George, but by those who were in the government whose only motive was to oppress liberty. Fast forward some two hundred and twenty five or so years later. The only ones who believe that conservatives are dangerous radicals are those whose very nature for existance is to live off the sweat of the working, taxpaying class. You got it the Liberal politicians that are out of touch with the reallity of the real America.

Politicians stay out of touch for several reasons. Some out of arrogance, some out of ingnorance and some because they loathe anyone that they feel are beneath them, uneducated, unlearned, unskilled and unindoctranated to the liberial cause. The "brave" politican, more like the spineless blob of a politician comes out of his shell once and a while to "touch base" with his constituents. Then with the blink of an eye, disappears back into that inner sanctuary of solitude where the only ones that really matter are his colleagues. Why? Because his constituents, We the People, are out of touch with the way things really are in Washington. His colleagues, on the other hand, are the only ones that really can help him help himself.The public servant that does not play the insider game, is quickly set aside and educated in the way he should think and go along with the status quo or he is minimalized by his own party, demonized and set up to fail. This is the reality of Washington and State Politics.

Dangerous thinking does not come from conservative America, but rather is the thinking that comes from Washington DC. The thinking that we the people can not think for ourselves, or spend our own money correctly because we do not see the big picture. The thinking that we dont understand the reallity of the "real world".

Now I ask you, what real world are the politicans from Washington living in? They live in a world created by their own greed. Where else can a man go to serve the people for a two year term and walk away with one hundred percent of his salary for the rest of his life? Benjamin Franklin had it right when he insisted that Congress be a part time position. That men were intended to work their regular job while serving in Congress. That way they could keep their finger on the pulse of the fledgeling nation.

Dangerous thinking is rooted in the money that flows so freely in the land of Lobbyist and Corporate contributions. Why did Chriss Dodd remove the wording that would have prevented the AIG Bonuses and wrote language that allowed the travesty in the recent weeks? Why? Because he was on the take from AIG, plain and simple. Why did Barney Frank refuse to regulate Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac when it was pointed out that thier practices would lead to the very problem we now face? Why? He was on the take from Fanny and Freddie.

Dangerous Thinking is thinking that America no longer cares about earmarks and Pork Barrel spending. The tea party movement is misinturpeted by the liberal media as being about taxes alone. Most of the signs I saw all across America people were outragged about the spending that is out of control. Why does the Sen. from NY not get it that we do care? Because he and his cronnies recieve kick backs from the very organizations he and others fund. I stongly believe that we need to vote anyone out of office regardless of party affiliation, or the "good" that the ear marks have done that continue to request this dangerous practice.

Earmarks and out of control spending are dangerous thinking because they are rubber checks written out of the Treasury of the United States. What would happen if the Politicians wrote rubber checks out of their own checking accounts? Lets not go there...because it already happened in the 1980's and guess what the biggest offenders are still in office.. Remember the House Postal and Banking scandal... Now if that were to happen to the single mother who wrote a bad check to Wegmans or Wal-mart to buy food for her children. Not only would she be charged with a crime and depending upon the amount of the check would be charged with a felony. Her children would be placed into foster care, her name would be dragged through the mud and her credit ruined. Yet in Washington this is Standard Operating Procedure.

Right now if the real dangerous thinging in Washington is not changed, through We the People placing Term limits through the voting booth on all parties. Giving the career politician a pink slip, and revoking their golden retirement plan, the retirement checks will start bouning. The precious tax refund checks will bounce. The safety net will stretch to a point of no return and the flood gates will burst with millions in need. This Nations Creditors will dismantle any and everything that they can to get their money back.

What will it take? How close are we? As a nation we are not only morally bankrupt but also financially bankrupt. Once China and other Nations decide to stop funding our spending, the checks will start bouncing. When China lectures Obama about the Trillion Dollar spending and monitizing of the Debt, we are only moments away from the dropping of the shoe. I see it as a family going to the local banker asking for a loan without collateral, without a job, without any means of repayment possible. The loan application completely filled out with perfect penmanship all the i's are dotted every t crossed. While the application appears to be in order and the need great. The loan oficer leans back and utters the words, "I'm sorry, but we can not grant you a loan at this time."

This is the reallity that the dangerous thinking of the current Congress and Political Parties have led us to.

Is it dangerous to think that a government should cut all spending and live within its means? Is it dangerous to think that you can not spend your way out of bankruptcy? Is it dangerous to think that you can not tax the productive side of the economy to fund the unproductive? Is it dangerous to think that those sent to Washington should be held accountable to the very laws they write? Is it dangerous to think that those who write the tax code, should be able to pay their taxes?

Yes it is dangerous for people to think that way, if you are part of the growing problem that threatens the very faberic of the Republic. I guess, they should be afraid of our thoughts too, not just our speach....or our actions in the upcoming primaries....

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