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The Call for Patriots.

The tea parties are just the beginning, the tip of the proverbial iceburg. Much like an iceburg which often most of its mass is beneath the water line, hidden from the view of one observing the iceberg from a ship. The Patriot Movement is far greater than the outward demonstration displayed through out the Nation this past week. Much of the movement is behind the scenes, hidden from the probing eyes of the likes of the CNN Reporter in Chicago on Wednesday.

The British were taken by… Continue

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Dangerous Thinking?

Conservative thinking is not dangerous, harmful for your health, immoral or radical. That is unless you are apart of the growing problem in the Republic. Our founding fathers were thought to be extremist radicals, not by those who longed for freedom or representation in the English Government of King George, but by those who were in the government whose only motive was to oppress liberty. Fast forward some two hundred and twenty five or so years later. The only ones who believe that… Continue

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We the People

We the People, at least that is what our core convictions were founded on. Our Consitution empowers the people first and gives us the authority and power over our government and not the other way around. All throughout our recent history the government in Washington DC has trampled upon the rights of the people. Once they felt that they had us under control and in their grip they helped themselves to lavish perks all at our expense.

I propose that We the People take over. Let us take… Continue

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