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Toomey tied with Spector in latest poll

Conservative Pat Toomey erased a 20% Spector lead and is now virtually tied with the aging former GOP turncoat Dem Arlen Spector. Spector was one of 3 GOP lawmakers to support the massive pork laden so-called 'Stimulus' bill pushed by Barrack Obama earlier this year.

Read more here.

and visit and GET INVOLVED today! We need to defeat Spector. He is a political elite, lifetime politician and is out… Continue

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National Tea Party Day to Protest Health Care Power Grab - July 17

Let's hold one at Sen Casey office in Bellefonte. Must protest Cap & Tax as well. Can discuss tomorrow night.

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Should we organize a rally at Senator Bob Casey's Office in Bellefonte (and aroudn the state) to protest CapandTax?

Now that this job killing cost raising American enterprise gutting monstrosity passed the house, it will head to the Senate. We need to let Casey Jr. know that WE THE PEOPLE oppose this bill that is antithetical to all that we stand for!

Congress is on summer recess. I think we, and our counterparts throughout the commonwealth should schedule protests at the Senate offices of Bobby Casey (and Arlen Spector). Any thoughts? Who is with me? WE SURROUND THEM, and they need to know… Continue

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CALL TO ACTION - OPPOSE TAX INCREASE -Democrat sponsored PA state income tax - Phone numbers to call

Call your representative today! Once again, waiting until last minute on budget, Dems in state house are proposing a 16% tax hike to cover the deficit. They are rejecting the Republican Senate bill with drastic cuts.

We are all tightening our belts in this tough economy, and it would be great if Pennsylvania did as well. We can't afford more taxes, and a 16% hike is… Continue

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On Iraq: Obama Silence is Deafening . Stand by his WORDS in Cairo or Support the Iranian Theocracy?

At the end of the Gulf War in 1991, George HW Bush failed to support the pro-democracy forces that revolted against Saddam Hussein. The result was a brutal massacre and ethnic cleansing and 12 more years of Saddam and another deadly war.

Now, Mr. Obama encourages democracy forces in Iran during his Cairo speech to the Muslim world, then says nothing about the brutal theocratic dictatorship as they brutally suppress all protest.

It is clear that without action by the West –… Continue

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