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Hey guys,
I just received a new employees handbook at my office today, and firearms as listed as a no-no. Does anyone have an understanding of the law on this issue. Can I still carry concealed because I'm licensed to do so, or do I have to follow company policy. I am assume I have to follow their policy. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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I cannot provide any legal information on this, but they did the same thing at Corning in the last couple of years before they closed the factory (just as the first wave of layoffs was about to start - coincidence?). It was even more than CCW; you were not even supposed to have a gun in your vehicle in the parking lot. This was total BS, as the way our shifts ran it was absurd to have to drive all the way home to get your guns if you were going to hunt or shoot after a midnight-to-eight, or 8AM-4PM shift, or to go home first after hunting or shooting in the daytime when you had to be at work at 4 PM to midnight.

People looked at it two ways. One argument was in favor of protecting yourself, the "better to be judged by 12 than carried by six" argument. The other argument was that good jobs you could support a family with were damned hard to find, so do not take the chance on being fired. Every guy had to decide for himself which argument made the most sense for his situation.

I believe, from discussions about this a while back that employers do have the authority to prohibit CCW, and even firearms locked in your vehicle parked on the employer's property. If you are fired it is considered "for cause" if the policy was clearly communicated. What I am not certain about is the particulars of the employer's legal authority to search your locked vehicle or person.
If they can implement Random Drug Testing policies, which are a violation of the 4th amendment IMO, they can certainly search your person.
Do not want to give legal advice but a good place to look is:

Just google

I will look into more when I am off work at 4 AM

OK Dan - Here goes.
Best of my understanding is that Private Property rights trump your rights. The example I will sight is the FACT that if I am asked to leave a store because I am OC then I must leave. Not because it is illegal to OC in there (example, Bob's Pretzel?) but because they can assert their rights. IF I do not leave then I can be sighted for trespass. Again - not a legal scholar here just what I have picked up on the forums where the experts claim to understand.

About searches - I have no clue. Sorry.

Some states are implementing a new law which allows one to lock in trunk EVEN IF BUSINESS PROHIBITS CARRY.

highlights of link below:

I have not checked PA car exemptions yet.

Some companies in several states could be barred from telling their employees to keep their guns at home if lawmakers prevail in a battle that pits gun rights advocates against private businesses.
At least six states — Alaska, Kansas, Kentucky, Minnesota, Mississippi and Oklahoma — have passed laws that bar some employers from forbidding workers to leave guns locked in their cars in company lots but don't give workers the right to carry firearms into the actual workplace.

Now, several more states are considering such laws. Supporters say licensed gun owners should have access to their weapons in case they need them for self-defense on the trek to and from home.

FLA law I found:

Without debate, the Florida House gave the powerful gun lobby a major victory today by passing a bill to allow employees to take their guns to work - as long as the employee has a concealed weapons permit and the weapon is left in the car.
The bill (HB503) passed on a nearly party-line vote, 72-42, with Republicans largely supporting the guns-at-work legislation despite a last-minute lobbying push by business interests to kill the measure, which they called an attack on business owners' ability to regulate the workplace.
Thanks for all the info guys. Cork, sounds like you really did your homework. I figured that would be the case. I guess I have the "right" to quit my job if it's that important to me. I know it's that case on campus. faculty, staff, students can't carry. So if a crazed student decides to go on a killing spree (which of course would never happen here), he sees a target rich environment.
I work for Geisinger Life Flight, we have the same policy. It's grounds for termination.


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