The 9-12 Project of Central PA

"You Are NOT Alone!"

This March is NOT for the Republican the Democrat or any other special interest group .. It's not for notoriety or personal gain...This is NOT a call to Arms
Let me ask you this question ??? .Name one thing that has been done for Joe Q public to let his or her voice be heard..The man on the street...
Where do people go when NO ONE will listen ? Your Politician ,the Court's the Press the Church when very few are hearing them..
They tell you nothing is going to change, no one is doing nothing,it's always been this way..Talk to Joe Q .public that is what they will tell you...
Your Spiritual Leaders are happy to stay hidden behind close locked door's,your special interest groups are only interested in their cause or agenda ,your politician is only worried about the next election,your Court's are using Administrated Law..
You know him or her, the folks who go to work everyday to live free and independent .The ones who send the kids off to school hoping and praying now days they are in good hands while they work.
They are the one who pay their taxes, dare to dream ,offer helping hands to those in need, who give tirelessly to their family and community's.They are the man and woman who are on the street everyday trying to earn a decent living..To busy to be watching what our leaders are doing..
This is also for the one's in office who feel they too are all alone ,,where has there be anything done to give them a CHANCE to let there voice be heard ??
They too will be invited to come out and speak for a few minutes also.Who knows they may just stand beside YOU...
This is a chance for all in our County to have a VOICE ...
We are at least doing SOMETHING...

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