The 9-12 Project of Central PA

"You Are NOT Alone!"

About a 40 minute radio program that is very good for those who want to get a good grip - or sharpen pre-existing notions - about why the government is growing into the bureaucratic nightmare it now is.

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For some reason, the Constitution came to mind after the US Census worker came and GPS'd my front door. I would think the Constitution would prohibit the federal government from building a massive database of the coordinates of every door and every address in the country. Sadly, it appears that we no longer have the right to privacy FROM the government as long as we are law-abiding citizens, and both parties are to blame.

What do you think about the census and GPS, Tom? Am I going off the deep end here?
a few years ago I got the long form of the census dropped off at my door. A whole bunch of questions, I wrote a short answer.
three people live here and two are of voting age. The constitution only requires a census to apportion congressional head count so the number of voters is important - the number of toilets is not.
I also got the long form the last time around (a census taker in person), but I also refused to answer all but the constitutionally required questions. That census taker didn't tag my house with GPS coordinates though, for some distant unscrupulous bureacrat to match up with other information government has collected on me, such as whether I ever had a background check for a gun purchase...-
One of the laughable things about this GPS thing is -- google earth has already done it and its paid for.
Welcome to the brave new world.

On a more principled notion this is much like a thief who will steal as much as they dare, and untill people push back they are just going to get bolder.
IF a census taker were to get pushy Id ask them - how their activities square with the 4th amendment.


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