The 9-12 Project of Central PA

"You Are NOT Alone!"

"In times of turbulence, when the passions are afloat, calm reason is swallowed up in the extremes to which measures are attempted to be carried; but when those subside and the empire of reason is resumed, the man who acts from principle, who persues the paths of truth, moderation, and justice, will regain his influence."

- George Washington, 1787


Here we are in a day and age when he who tells the biggest LIE wins.

Just one thing ,a lie is built on quicksand, and soon will find its way back to the one, and in time  want its due..

One can build on truth ,it can be painful and not welcome ,but through God the tools needed will be supplied.

Ones of influence who feel they are untouchable and corrupted are about to learn this lesson.

God is finding his way back into the hearts of the American people.

So those of you ,whom have been based in a lie BEWARE your times up, for truth is life altering .. 

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