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Timeline Shows Frank and Schumer blocked Bush and McCain backed reforms on Fannie and Freddie

This piece from Britt Humes show pieces together the timeline on the Fannie and Freddie looming disaster, and how the GOP was pushing for regulation and sounding the alarm. This is not to give an atta-boy to the big spending Bush and liberal McCain, but I think it does show how the GOP was trying to deal with the impending crisis (although they didn't fight that hard) while the Democrats, particularly Frank and Schumer from the socialist wing of the Dem party, backed their cronies, overlooked the impending disaster, then pointed fingers at Bush as they swooped in to 'solve' the mess with TARP, bail-outs, and expanding federal government.

At any rate, it is a good watch. Kudos to Hume and FNC

This is a great video. This was the only source I found for the edited version, and it is a Canadian link.

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