The 9-12 Project of Central PA

"You Are NOT Alone!"

Going down the black hole now of the river .We can not turn our back on those who have been held captive,the soul of those are in need of healing,As a untied group we can raise our HANDS to the Heavens and Tickle The Feet of Angles .The laughter of Angles will heal those souls who believe in the power of our Creator no matter how little of a spark that may be left .  
It will increase our numbers and add  Strength to our Shield of God  and Sharpen our Swords to cut though the Darkness. .
The Captain kneels and asked the, Creator ,May You Heal All The Souls who reach to Tickle The Souls of Angles, may it fill there own soul with the Goodness of God ..
Let God know ,,, not all have turned there back on him,,Rock the Heavens with Laughter, raise those hands high ,, we still are all the children of God...

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