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I found a couple of news articles, stating that Bob Basso, the man behind the very popular Thomas Paine videos, has been summoned to the White House.

See links here:

Edit: More information on this news story - see my post, below...


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I'm not sure if that's a good or a bad thing... Haven't gotten a chance to watch the videos yet but they sound interesting though...
thereal54 said:
I'm not sure if that's a good or a bad thing... Haven't gotten a chance to watch the videos yet but they sound interesting though...

According to one of the articles, Bob Basso was "asked" not to discuss his videos with the media, although that is an unconfirmed report. If this is true, it is a little scary!

I have posted the videos on our site here. If you want to see the most recent one, go here:

Thomas Paine We The People
Wow... that is kinda scary. Very "V for Vendetta"-ish (highly recommend people watch that movie and look for the parallels to today's governments around the world / direction of technology)

great video though, I'll have to look for others. Speaks to what people are angry about very clearly.
Could it be April 1st?
Shawn Swanson said:
Could it be April 1st?

I doubt it, although it is possible. One of those articles I linked is dated March 26. The other is from a European news source, dated yesterday.
Here is another article that mentions this. I guess it is not certain whether Bob Basso will actually go to the White House, or not.

Basso’s second segment as Thomas Paine, “We the People Stimulus Package”, has proven just as popular as the first. After one week on YouTube the vignette has already recorded over one million views and even attracted the attention of President Barack Obama.

“I've received a call from one of his staff members that he has seen it and would like to talk to me, so we'll see what happens,” said Basso.


Whether Basso gets a face-to-face meeting with the president remains to be seen.

But in a note sent to him from the White House, Obama said he remembers Basso from his childhood days in Hawaii.

“He remembers, at least in the note sent to me that he used to watch me on TV at Channel 2.”

If a meeting with the president does take place, Basso is prepared to deliver a serious message, not as Tomas Paine but as a concerned citizen.

“I would tell him that any president to be successful in America has to govern from the center, not from the far left or the far right and it's time for him to take a look and listen to the will of the majority which has been terribly ignored for too long.”

Sorry for the doubt.

For me, everything is suspect on April 1st...

Thanks for the clarifications.

I wonder if Obama has designs on discrediting or on co-opting Basso somehow?
Cool video - I could see why it would get Obama's hackle up, the last thing he wants is for Americans to wake up.


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