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Glenn Beck did a War Room special on FOX News talking about potential disaster scenarios and likely outcomes.

This was a wake up call from Beck.

In light of the special, I wanted to unearth the topic a bit more with the following...


There is a book called - "Emergency, This book will save your life", by Neil Strauss that truly outlines where civilization sits today and brings things home to an individual level at the same time.

I was part way through reading his book when I was floored by the cogent and simplistic set of thoughts and summaries he made concerning life and civilization as we ‘know’ or think we ‘know’ it.

Here are some of those excerpts that have made me continue to reflect on my own personal life choices and how I am planning for potential events in the future…


“…It can occur here too’… ‘just as it can in the United States, just as it has in the past in Haiti and China and the Ivory Coast.”

“…just one little snap – be it due to hunger, unemployment, propaganda, or simple resentment – and they’d all come running down here with machetes’… ‘It would be over in a matter of minutes.”

“…To actually survive on my own, I’ll need emergency supplies. Plenty of them. Because if the power keeps going out on a regular day, I can’t even imagine what would happen during an actual disaster.”

“…I’ll need guns too. To protect myself from marauders who want my emergency supplies’… ‘and more than anything, I need skills. I’ll need to learn to live on my own without electricity, running water, gas.

I’ll need to learn to truly be sovereign.”

“…The lesson of Katrina wasn’t that the United States can’t protect it's own. It was that no country can protect its own.”

“…no place is safe and no government can guarantee the well being of its citizens.

There’s only one place to find true safety: within.”


“The so-called system is something we take for granted. We depend on it to give us an inexhaustible supply of electricity, water, food, gas, Internet, phone service, garbage removal, long-distance transportation, civil order, 24 hour convenience stores, and Seinfeld reruns.

But what would happen if it stopped working – and , suddenly, there was nothing to depend upon?”

“…All my life, I had thought that freedom was something that, as Americans, we were privileged to have, thanks to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. But those documents didn’t create freedom, I realized, freedom meant knowing not just where to go, but how to take care of myself if the system ever broke down.”


Things to think about, ponder, and prepare for…

We live life in a bubble to a large extent never thinking about what it really takes to sustain our current lifestyles. Its time to examine that bubble and adjust accordingly.

So, how dependent are you today?

What will you do if things even come slightly unglued or disruption occurs?

I have lived and worked in failed states for years. Things are more fragile here than most folks think.

I can guarantee you that civility will be one of the first casualties if things continue on the course to economic collapse that we are on.

Folks have to become less dependent on systems and more self-sufficient. Prepare.


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Here's a quick recap of beck's set of scenarios on his war Room special...


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