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The First Battle in 2010 Could Provide the 41st Vote Against Obamacare

Scott Brown and the Battle for Massachusetts

My friends, 2010 is our moment to Take Back the USA. All house seats and 34 Senate seats (including Specter in PA) are up in the November general election. But did you know we can take a huge step toward taking back the Senate in January?

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Help out Scott Brown in his battle to be the 41st vote against Obamacare. Visit and contribute time or money and let's start the fight for 2010 NOW.

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I accidentally added the following discussion topic to "Organization" and don't know how to move it: SEIU JUST DONATED $687,000 TO THE MARTHA COAKLEY CAMPAIGN.

I just heard this on the Glenn Beck radio program. Please, everyone, consider donating to Scott Brown's campaign - or giving more if you've already donated.

I had to really think about donating in the first place, what with all the poverty in this country (and now the tragedy in Haiti) - but then I thought about the probable long-term effects of Obamacare (all versions, so far) and considered how much more poverty there will be in that case.


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