The 9-12 Project of Central PA

"You Are NOT Alone!"

What replies have you found that works well when someone says to you "What is your group about?" or "I have never heard of the 912 Project." or "What do you talk about?" Sometimes I feel our story hasn't been clarified and synchronized to be succinct and left open for dialog and/or an invitation to our group. We don't need a lot of narrative, just statement and response. Thanks!!!

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I just tell people "something has to be done . . . we can't just sit back and do nothing or our country will be gone!!!"

I say we are individuals joining small goups of like minded people to become part of a larger group. Glenn Beck started the movement with the hope of haveing over a million voices to advocate for the traditions and values of our country as set forth by our Founding Fathers in the Constitution and Bill of Rights. I just tell people this is something we have to do . . . period!

After last might's meeting, I feel energized. I no longer feel hopeless and helpless to make a difference.
I've mentioned the group to a few people, but I think it's kind of hard to summarize in a pithy, dare I say, poetic manner, because it's still forming.

I think one thing that's fair to say is that it's a group of patriots who want to save the nation from socialism and leftist tyranny.


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