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Arlen Specter just switched to democrat.

A smart move, for him, actually, since the PA democrat machine will assure his victory by any means necessary.

Godspede, Pat Toomey.

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This isn't about how Specter votes on individual laws. It is about the ability to steamroll the larger agenda of radical Liberalism through Congress and up your derrière. A 60-member majority of Dems is filibusterproof against the GOP. Look at what the Left has pulled just since January while being held to at least *some* measly level of accountability. But that's ok. Keep posting LOLs and saying it doesn't matter.....
Yep, and when they seat Al Franken, it will certainly hit the fan. It looks like Franken will be seated, and so the dems will have their 61.

Specter certainly knew this would be critical to the filibuster, too. In the words of Mr. Blago, "That's a f*ing valuable thing, you don't just give it away!" Anybody with the guts to investigate might be able to follow the money and find a crime, but personally, I wouldn't risk my life on such a thing.

2010 will be the final stand for the Republican party and conservatives alike. If they can't retake the filibuster, at least, it's game over.

On the other hand, there are a few fairly conservative democrat senators, so the filibuster will be an option on certain issues.
Don't forget Jim Jeffords did almost the same thing in 2001, he went independent, but that still gave Democrats control of the Senate. Could the Republicans have sued him, then?

Arlen Specter's switch doesn't really change anything. Whether he has an (R) or a (D) after his name, he always has, and he always will vote with the Democrats more often than not. Even if Republicans could sue him for switching parties, and force him to switch back, he will continue to vote against them. A 59-member majority of Dems is filibusterproof, if Arlen continues to vote with them all the time.

The main thing I am worried about now, is whether he will reverse his position on Card Check. He has already stated that he will vote against it, but now the Democrats can put more pressure on him to vote for it. Since he has proven to be an opportunist, with no sense of honor, he can easily reverse his position on that critical issue!
You put your finger on it. I wonder what went on in the back rooms to make this deal. I'm sure they promised him no challengers in the primary. Perhaps he promised to back Card Check. Let's hope not. But with this guy I'm sure he'll swing anyway that helps him amass personal power.
Is anyone surprised by this?
This guy has made a career out of sitting on the fence and waiting to see which way the wind is blowing before choosing a side. For Conservatives, this is a good thing for the 2010 election. I'm sure he would not have made this move unless the Democratic Party promised him no challengers in the Primary. I've been voting against this guy in the Primaries, now I'll be able to support his challenger in the General Election. I can't imagine that he will have that strong of support among Democrats to carry the General. Now let's hope the Republicans don't muddy the waters too badly, and they come out of the Primaries with a strong candidate. My support is with Toomey for now.
You are right: The Senate seat Specter will be vying for is his own seat, not Casey's. He will not be running against Casey. Specter still has to go through the Democratic primary. If he has a challenger (which would not be Casey), it might be a good time for lots of Republicans to register as Democrats, so they can vote against Specter! If he is defeated in the Democratic primary, he will be finished!

The other good part of this (if Specter loses the primary) is that Toomey will most likely be running against a relatively unknown Democrat, and might have a better chance of winning!
I recall advice my mother gave me: "If he will cheat WITH you, he will cheat ON you." So I hope Specter wins the Democratic primary. I'd rather take a chance on him winning the seat as a Democrat and being as disloyal as he has proven himself to be instead of running against a true Democrat.

As for Toomey, I am concerned that he couldn't defeat Specter when only Republicans were voting. I don't know that he has a chance against him, or possibly any other Democrat, in a general election in this state. I suggest we don't put all our chips on his number just yet.
He is a turncoat...oh wait a minute I forgot he never was a true Republican anyway.... Just a Democrat in an elephant suit...
I just wonder when a politician will speak the truth. Specter sais the gop moved too far right since Reagan. However, during Reagan times we did move right, since the gop has continued to move left. And the left are now radical extremists. The move to the left unfortunately started as soon as John Adams our second pres. Unfortunately our system has continued to move 3 steps left, and once in a while a 1/2 step back.
Specters jump is simply another political hack staying with the current winners. When the Republicans took control in '94 several dems in the house and senate switched parties.

I suspect Toomey will suffer the same results that Santorum did for the same reasons. Pushing issues that are personal and legislatively belong on the state level to the federal level, moderates from both parties will be disenfranchised.

Specter abandoned any hint of fiscal sanity and that is what has really annoyed the conservative and moderate base.

As a nation we won't be borrowing our way out of this mess - and Specter has been a cosigner on the massive spending and debt for decades.
All please note:


Ain't it the truth!!??


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