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I'll just throw this out to the group...

I'm not entirely comfortable painting a big red target on the back of my head, and I'm slightly less comfortable with the fact that this forum is completely available to the public (and therefore Google), even without registration.

Being an IT guy by trade, I know it's not possible to hide from the prying eyes of Big Brother, but it would be nice, at the very least, if Google didn't pick up some of these conversations. Imagine applying for a job with some of these posts in the public eye!

Of course, in a perfect world, we'd all stand up for what we write here, and while I am willing to a certain extent, there's no point in giving anybody a head start. Also, I do need to keep my job in the interim, so I'd like it if the site required registration in order to read posts to the forums.

Any ideas on this?

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Yeah, actually, I think that might accomplish what I am chiefly concerned about, which is the casual Google search.

Good find!

Peter and Karen Trippett said:
William suggested a "robots.txt file exclusion" in a previous post.
I just wanted to mention one bad side effect to the robots.txt solution. If we tell bots to just "go away", then our site will not show up on search engines any more. Someone interested in our group would not be able to just type some keywords in google, (like "centre county we surround them") and find us!

But it should be possible to direct the bot to only search one static page, that contains information about our group, and keywords that should be searched, and then directs visitors to the main site!
Hi Peter . . . I guess "won or lost the argument" was not the right term . . . I meant it in a friendly way . . . . meaning . . ."OK I give in and will go with the flow". I don't actually feel like I have lost and I certainly do not have any anomosity toward anyone here . . . we all want the samething (I think). It has been interesting to read all the points of view . . . guess we are all starting at different points. I am starting as a newbie activist :-) . . . . just a bit out of my comfort zone :-)
I would not mind some sort of security past the main page. I am not one of the Founding Fathers. I am willing to do many things to preserve and defend the tenets of the Constitution in its strict construction. Risking trouble for my family or my financial future right now is not one of those things. Should circumstances deteriorate in this nation to a point in the future where I need to choose between sacrificing my principles, my fortune, or my family's security, I would prefer to reassess my position at that time rather than take unnecessary risks up-front.
As a follow up point to the post above, it should be noted that while the Founders did risk their lives and fortunes to fight for our nation's independence, they took measures to meet in secrecy and protect themselves from capture by the British until such a time as their security could be relatively protected. Yes, they were always at risk, and they were brave and valorous beyond question, but even these sainted souls knew there was a right time for prudent precautions and a right time for sacrificing safety to fight for the future of this country.
Joe . . . well said. Thank you.


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