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OUTRAGE! USA Today: Routine GI health needs not met

The only group of Americans that the US government has an obligation to pay health care costs for is our heroes in the US Military. And their families. And they are getting very substandard care. A preview of what all Americans can expect under government run health care (

Throughout the Bush administration years, Democrats in congress did their best to try to embarrass the administration with constant stories about sub-standard care for our wounded soldiers and their families. Even though it was done for strictly political purposes, I applauded them for addressing a huge issue. Our military families, and our veterans receive sub-standard care.

Rather than look to other countries that have government health care (and yes, it is a disaster everywhere it is tried), we can simply look at the sector where the US Government runs health care. The military and the VA. Anyone who has served (thank you for your service) knows how efficient and wonderful military hospitals are run. They do good things for battle trauma, and for years their burn care was second to none. But, for routine care, it is the pits!

Visit a VA hospital. Lots of Vets go because it is free, and thank God it is. We owe those who serve far more than the poor quality care they get for 'free.'

But if you want to see what is in store under government health care, on a smaller scale the poor quality and long wait times that Veterans and the GIs and their families currently have will paint the picture.

If the USA can't provide the best care for this relatively small group of HEROES and their families, what do you thinkk those of us who are not entitled to government care are going to get when they are responsible for 300 million people.

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