The 9-12 Project of Central PA

"You Are NOT Alone!"

A Patriot's Prayer
Dear Lord,
Thank you Lord,
For even amongst the rumble of the drums of war and the call to arms,
I am surrounded by your blessings.
I thank You, Lord, for it is your love and your guidance that provides me courage, for
with You in my heart, there is no enemy that cannot be overcome.
Whether my weapon be words, sword, or gun, I shall weld it in Your name and with
Your guidance it shall always strike true.
Use me as your servant, Lord, and unto death I shall fight for You, knowing that all
that I sacrifice will lead me to be by Your side.
I pray, Lord, that you open the eyes of my enemy.  Let them see clearly how they
have been misguided by evil.  Let them see that the honeyed-words that lead down
the path into darkness are spoken from the venomous mouths of those governed by
greed and power.
I pray, Lord, that you give me the strength to fight for my family, for my country, and
for the many blessings that you have given us.

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