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More Taxation = More Freedoms Lost          2011-09-24   


When local officials all across our nation pass a new rule or regulations, code officers are necessary to enforce these rules and regulations. More Taxes!  The code officer gets a new car and before long wants a secretary, then the secretary wants an assistant, then more office space. More Taxes!  These Rules and Regulations are not Law; they should never be passed to start with.  As the town becomes a city, they claim they need a board and more code officers for the building dept, water dept, sanitation dept, road dept etc and there is no end to the growth of the Government.


Bigger Government leads to more and more Taxation, which means more Money and Freedoms taken away from each Family. ---Every new rule or regulation means more Taxes and Less Freedoms.


These rules and regulations may include but not limited to: Town Hall Meeting Rules, Local Building Codes, Zoning, Business Permits, Ordinances, Historic District Codes, Traffic tickets where no injury or damage has occurred. Some of these Rules and Regulations may be good to follow, but should not be used to Oppress & Tax the working man’s hard earned Money he needs to support his family.


Many Public Officials claim they have “Home Rule”, which they claim gives them the Power to pass Rules and Regulations and they publish these as being Laws, charging us Fees and Fines if we do not obey their Rules and Regulations, “such rules and regulations shall in no way have the effect of law”. (O.C.G.A. 45-10-5


Ga. Const. Art. III, § V, Para. V & VIII  (2011): ---No local bill or resolution shall become law, except by a majority vote by all members required of the General Assembly. --(Emphasis)


The Constitution only allows General Assembly Legislatures to enact Laws and they must agree with the Constitution to Protect our “Unalienable” God given Rights or they are Null and Void.


Ga. Const. Art. I, § II, Para. V  (2011): What acts void ---Legislative acts in violation of this Constitution or the Constitution of the United States are void, and the judiciary shall so declare them.


Absolutely no Law anywhere has any authority to “infringe” upon our “God given Rights”. Any Nation’s People who fail to defend their “God given Rights” will lose them.  


Good Public Officials will obey God’s Golden Rule by treating others, as they would like to be treated and won’t use their Power to Oppress and Tax the People. We must Honor our Creator and protect our Kid’s Future God given Rights by removing ALL Corrupt Public Officials from our Nation!


We must Stop all local Public officials from taking away our Family and Kid’s future Freedoms the way Chicago Mayor Daley did by taking away People’s Right to Bear Arms by arresting them for having guns to protect their own home. New York Mayor Bloomberg thinks Government should have the Power to take away our Right to decide what we can eat. Next we will need to ask some government official if we can wipe, after making our deposit in a toilet. How long will we continue to let our God given Rights be taken away by Illegal Government Rules and Regulations that are Not Law?


We must Stop Big Government at the Local Level first, by removing all excessive Rules and Regulations that are not Law and remove all the Regulatory Boards, code officers and people hired for enforcement against our “God given Rights”.


Reducing Government will reduce our Taxes and Save our Freedoms. ---All Americans must act now or it will be too late to Save America!


Randy Due and Concerned Citizens

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