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Some have said that they are unable to attend meetings on Thursdays.

I am sure this problem will soon be brought before the membership. We may decide to choose a day for meetings that is acceptable to the most members. So, I am starting this discussion to ask - if Thursday does not work for you, what day works best for you.

Please make suggestions - It may not be possible to satisfy everybody, but your input will be valuable in possibly choosing a different meeting day.

There are no promises! However, whatever day we choose, I assure you that an effort will be made to make sure that those who cannot attend meetings have a means to contribute to decisions of the group.

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Most Mondays and Tuesdays are best. Wednesdays in the summer only. Never on Thursdays or Fridays.
Peter, please don't take my comments to be in any way critical of you or anyone else. I really appreciate what you are doing. I just wish I could be more involved.
Ruth Krebs
Dear President Trippett:

May I suggest we get our newly elected officers listed on the home page, possibly to include a simple and direct means for your members to contact each of you? After all, many members may not be aware of your authority here!

Your faithful member,

PS: Members should keep in mind that committees would be free to set their own meeting schedules and events could be scheduled flexibly, so there are lots of opportunities to be involved.

I have been intending to do so, but today was a very busy day for me at work. I quickly put something up for now, but will have to add more details later.


Of course, you can meet anytime you wish. I think Greg's point was that if a member wanted to speak with a particular committee, they should contact a member of that committee to see where and when they were meeting next. For example, I am quite certain the Membership Committee is meeting on this coming Tuesday at Kris' house.

Oops, ignore that comment! Kris said she would have to reschedule...
Tuesdays are quickly going to be the best day for me.
After the Glenn Beck show on March 13 I sent a survey to current members through regarding times and dates. If you would like to do that again, I can share the site I set up for our group. Just a thought.
I agree with Theresa, that starting a little later would be best, no matter the evening.


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