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If I'm reading the primary election results correctly, then Paul Kozlovsky is one of the three winners for the State Republican Committee.  If the election results are accurate, then congratulations Paul!


I was at Patton South 2, precinct 67 from about 5:30 to 8 PM.  For a time, both Ron Reese and Joyce Haas were there at the same time greeting people arriving to vote.  It was heartening to see candidates at this most local, intimate level interacting with people of the community.  Congratulations to Joyce Haas.  Ron Reese ran a solid campaign, but in the end, it must have been hard to counter the carpet-bombing ad blitz he faced.


Whatever happens in the Lt. Governor recount that appears to be coming, Scott Conklin owes a huge debt of appreciation to his wife, Terri.  She was at precinct 67 the entire day and evening, through rain and cold.  Every moment of that time, Terri maintained a warm, genuine smile and a pleasant greeting for everyone.


As far as the GOP Lt. Governor race, it looks like coat tails were the deciding factor for Cawley.


We knew it was an uphill fight for Sam Rohrer in the Governor's race.  I hoped the chilly, rainy weather and a low turnout would mean we'd see mostly people "with an axe to grind" making the effort to come out to vote for the candidate standing for real change and integrity.  Unfortunately, this November will simply be another one of the endless times Republicans get to hold their nose while voting for just another party hack who couldn't even spell the words "True Reform" if you stenciled them into his face with a nail gun.  (...not that I would want to do that)


It has been a privilege to see people of the 9-12 project of Centre County coming together to work for common goals.

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The other piece of good news from the election - Arlen Specter is gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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