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---------------------------------------- We the People ------------------------------------

Liberals and Murder?

You are going to read what Liberals really mean by Healthcare.

You are going to read the Lies these liberals have been caught in.

You are going to read that these Liberals don’t have you or your Family in their Best interest.

What do the Liberals really mean when they claim everyone has the Right to Healthcare?

Do they not claim that everyone has Rights to a Better Life?

Then How can these same people claim they Support Abortions and think it is ok to Murder Unborn Babies?

Don’t our Babies, who are helpless, have God given Rights?

Do these Liberals really mean anyone they decide can have Healthcare, but those they don’t shall Die?

What do the Liberals really believe about Retired folks, the elderly, Unborn babies, disabled, orphans and sick? Is it is ok for them to just Die?

Where is the Liberals Love for these people?

When Liberals believe it is ok to Murder unborn babies, why do you think it odd they would not give it a second thought to Murder you when you become old and helpless?

How can any person not have compassion for helpless Babies or the Elderly?

Anyone who claims to have Love in their hearts and have you in their best interest, yet supports Abortion (Murder) of unborn babies, is a Liar and the Truth is not in them!

It is the Liberals agenda to –Lie-- and say that the Founding Fathers were all Anti-God.

What do these Liberal’s want? They want to destroy our Constitution and the very Foundation our Nation was built upon. ----They want to fundamentally change America.-----

Remember Obama stating he stood for Hope and that he was going to Fundamentally Change America?

What would you have done in the beginning if Obama had told the Truth, that he wanted to Destroy the Constitution and wanted to turn America into a Socialist Nation and take away all of your God given Freedoms, Rights and Liberties?

At the time did you think he meant Socializing America?

Look at what he has done: Taken control over General Motors, Taken over Healthcare, Borrowed Billions to pay his Cronies and buy the Labor union votes. Now buying the Teachers Union votes with more Billions going to them to continue to control the National Schools.

These Liberals are trying to Socialize America and take away our God given Freedoms, Rights and Liberties.

Why do the Liberals want to continue to control the Nationals Schools?

Could it be for the same reason Hitler wanted to control the schools?

What was the reason Hitler wanted control of the schools?

Was it not to Brainwash the kids to become good little Socialist Salves working for him?

--We the People are the Government, not a hand full of Liberals who have Hi-Jacked our Government.--

Who amongst you claims to be a Believer in your Creator and support and defend the Constitution?

Are you willing to stand up and be counted for your Creator and the Constitution?

Now is the time to either stand up and be counted for your Creator and the Constitution or go down in History as one of the Hypocrites who just claimed to believe in your Creator and the Constitution and were not willing to stand up and be counted Worthy.

Where do you stand?

If you are not willing to stand up for yourself, you must be willing to stand up for your Kids or Grandkids future and remove ---all Evil Doers--- from office who support Abortion and have already murdered over 50 Million Unborn American babies?

Is it impossible to believe that a Nation that has already Murdered 50 Million babies could not justify in the future, doing away with the Sick, the Elderly, the Disabled, the Orphans, etc.

Wake up America our Grandparents would never have dreamed that our Nation could be responsible for Murdering it’s own Babies.

All Americans of ---Good Will--- must stand up now and drive this Evilness from our once Great Nation.

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