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Hi All,


   Let's have a Glenn Beck Restoring Courage Viewing Party on Wed Aug 24 2011.

At the Ramada Inn would be nice.  We could ask for a donation enough to cover the

cost of the room and maybe some snacks too.  Note sure of the hours yet, will have to

look into it.  What do you all think?



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I support this idea!




This is a very good idea, Janet.  Thanks for comuing up with it!  Bette


The Restoring Courage event starts at Sunset in Jerusalem.  Today, Sunset is at 7:40PM in Jerusalem, and the time difference to here is 5 hours earlier.

That means that Glenn Beck's event would start earlier than 2:40PM in the afternoon on a Wednesday (Sunset would be earlier by August 24).  I think that our turnout might be low, because many people may not be able to get out of work.

Perhaps those who are able to be there, should get together at someone's home, to watch the event.


OK.  Janet
While he has not given a specific time yet, my impression from listening to Glenn is that the broadcast on GBTV is not going to be live. I think he is going to tape it and then broadcast it in prime-time for the US to give people the best opportunity to come together. On a personal note, I just moved to State College, and I was hoping there would be some kind of event on 8.24 in order to meet the members of the 9/12 group.


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