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"You Are NOT Alone!"

To all those who organized and showed up at our Tax Day Tea Party . . . Awesome job!!! A terrific start and only just the beginning! Thank you.

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Wonderful event folks! I am so proud and honored to be affiliated and organized with this group of people. Today was certainly a success and it couldn't have happened without all of the hard work of our members. Thank you for standing up for your country and your beliefs today. You should be proud Americans. They are listening...I even heard Anderson Cooper covering it on CNN...of course they underplayed the turnout and many are saying this won't continue but we KNOW differently don't we? If our elected officials do not hear us we will not stop. God Bless all of you and God Bless this beautiful country. Let's keep the momentum going now. Hope to see you all at the meeting tomorrow!

Jen Sremanak
Completely agree! To all who organized and participated--what a GREAT event! Fantastic job. It was such an inspiration to see everyone so riled up!
That CDT article exemplifies what's wrong with the media, and some of the comments would be laughable if they didn't represent relatively mainstream opinions. There's a storm coming. Are we ready?
Thank you all! The Tea Party was successful beyond any of our wildest expectations!

On a personal note, I'm so honored to have had a small role in the Tea Party, and don't get me wrong, I do feel that I was just a tiny part of a greater movement. The amount of passion and determination that was expressed by our community greatly outweighs the small role that I, or any of us that set up the Tea Party, played in organizing this event. I am honored and humbled by number of people that showed up, and the courtesy, respect and honor that everyone displayed.

We, as a community, as friends and neighbors, bound by nothing more than our Values and Principles, have taken our first step in fulfilling our greater duty as Americans. We have found our common voice.

Let us never let our voice become silent, for our legacy will be judged upon our actions.
John . . . well said . . . ditto and thank you!
Saw the pictures, great job peeps. I'm a hard sell on everything (any group, no offense to this one) but I am starting to come around to this group after the event and seeing the nature of the protest.
This was my favorite part of the CDT article:

The protest did receive attention among other non-governmental bodies — one of whom remarked on the irony of protesting government spending on government property.

Sharon Ward, director of the Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center, said in an e-mail the protesters also had their facts mixed up.

Ward said taxes under the Obama administration would increase for the wealthiest Americans, but also said taxes currently are less than they were under previous administrations.

“It is ironic that most of the tea party protests are being held in public places” she wrote. “It is our federal taxes that make our democracy — including the Tax Day Tea Party protests — possible.”

Taxes make democracy possible?? I try my best to shy away from the petulant name-calling that characterizes so much of what passes for political speech these days (just read the comment section of any CDT article to see examples). But this argument is simply idiotic.

It's not just dumb though; it's also dangerous. I employ neither of those terms lightly. The comments themselves are so inane that they aren't worthy of more thorough repudiation. On the other hand, coming from the spokesperson of an organization that claims to speak on behalf of the taxpayers, they shouldn't go unremarked.

The "Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center" is an off-shoot of the Keystone Research Center, a blatantly Left-wing organization (tax-exempt, I might add - how's that for "ironic?") and one of many like it that have developed as echoes of the conservative think tank movement that built institutions like the Heritage Foundation and Cato Institute. Their raison d'etre is making bigger, more intrusive government bureaucracy more palatable to the people of the Commonwealth. It's interesting that the Centre Daily Times chose to quote a representative from this organization without providing a counterbalance from someone at the Commonwealth Foundation or a similar group.


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