The 9-12 Project of Central PA

"You Are NOT Alone!"

Natrual Law Just Is  ,Take a young sapling ,it can blow in the wind nice and gental or sawy around with grace.But come along and push it over and it will snap back, almost as far back, the other way as you pushed it one way or the other.

Let it alone an help stable it and it will come back to it's natral point ( Balance ).But not without shaking things up a bit first, and that has to happen also, to much power to control for a single group it cannot be done.

Our Constitution it cannot be broken either ( God's Hands ) are on it and is deep rooted.But it can be pushed far enought that man cannot hold it, and it will snap back as it should be.

I have heard enought of them say, that are in power its not substainable it;s given way,, they cannot hold it ,

So what do you think is going to happen ?

I would look for Natural Law to occur as it surly will,God's strenght has no limit's.It has been bending for a very long time now so it could be a rough ride..Back it away slowly would take us all.But that's not how we got here is it ? I readly dont think that will happen either, many are still trying to push it over even further ...  ( POOR DAM FOOLS )  but sooner or later they will grow weary and have to let it go,or go flying all over the place kinda like I am seeing now with those that are still pushing...



How bout It ?? Nothing wrong in asking for God's Mercy.My God is a loving God, how about your's ?? 

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