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IRS Destruction of Marriage and the Family unit in America #3

Hi Klaus,                                            Sunday, June 10, 2012


Would you consider putting out the following request to the people in the Omaha area for a court case?  There is an absolute need for there to be witnesses.  I have the announcement part & an “information” attachment.


Donna :)


******************** *************************** ******************************


To Omaha area Court Witnesses:  (Especially everyone who has IRS / State tax issues!)


When:  Tuesday, June 12th (maybe one day, OR through the week, OR maybe the following week)

Time:  9 a.m.  (could be all day)

What:  an IRS case against a couple - last name Kleensang - - - Judge Laurie Smith Camp

    Maybe Tuesday will begin a Jury Selection; this could be on-going – don’t know . . . read more below

Where:  the Federal Court Building, 111 South 18th Plaza (don’t know the room)

You go in the doors on the west side, and the front side of the building fills the block from Dodge to Douglas. 

Parking:  There's a high-rise parking bldg. on the west corner of Douglas and 18th ($1 per hour).

Scanning: to get through the entrance of the Federal Bldg.  

Cell Phones:  Leave them in your car . . . can't take into the building if they have a camera.  They will make you go take it back to your car.

As a Witness - Be Prepared:  Have a notebook, pad, pens, write down all actions of judge, attorney, others (the date, times of proceedings – what was said & by whom, etc.   Please be prepared to do an Affidavits of Facts and Events which you will then get notarized so it can become part of the defendant’s documents of Civil Rights violations for additional Criminal Complaints against the Public Officials.  Almost every action they will go forward with will be classified as a violation if they haven’t produced “who they are” by a bond # and a bonding company because they need to take personal liability for their actions, or else they’re committing criminal actions.  They aren’t proving their authority if they don’t disclose “who they are” by a bond# and bonding company. 


THAT is the first step of Due Proess of Law for a Public Official to fulfill under their Oath to the Constitution of the United States of America.  Because otherwise, there could be “IRS imposters” saying that the defendants are liable to pay money (income taxes, penalties, fees, etc.) for “non-disclosed compensation (5th Amendment requirement).”  It would be like you walking down the street and at the end of every block, some rogue uniformed “person” is demanding a financial payment for you to continue on your way.  And even if he “says” it’s for the “service” of you having been able to walk on a cement sidewalk instead of in mud, without him producing “his identity and authority” (official capacity bond# & bonding co.) & and the law that backs up the authority for the financial demand, ……… if he doesn’t give an accounting, a “receipt” of your money to him (which the IRS never does), there’s no “full disclosure, i.e. Due Process of Law” of your 5th Amendment right!!


Situation of this IRS court case:  There was a Grand Jury IRS indictment . . . . . which is not a charge, but they want you to think it is.  There's no wet-ink signature by a flesh and blood man who is assuming the liability of being a witness.  This is HUGE in the realm of your Constitutional and Civil Rights.  The case is the "government" against live flesh and blood people, and that can't be because there's no witness.  A corporation can NOT be a "witness" because there's no flesh and blood with a wet-ink signature, bond#, bonding company, affidavit under penalty of perjury, coming forth to testify as a "witness."  Yet, it is absolutely required by the law that you have a right to face your accuser and the prosecuting attorney can NOT be that "witness."  So until you have such a person, under sworn affidavit, this is fraud and on and on.  AND at the first moment of "fraud," everything in the case stops (or is to stop). 


All of this is being created into a teaching program to teach people about their Civil Rights and the laws that are on the books which the Public Servants/Officers are bound to obey because they're under a Constitutional Oath.  ALL OF THIS is in paperwork which has been submitted to the Plaintiffs in order for them to become compliant with their oath and the laws they're bound to obey.


The Kleensangs were at a court hearing a few months ago.  The Judge, IRS Attorney, & 2 "waiting in the wings" defense attorneys were all "served" "Civil Rights paperwork based on the law" at the beginning of this court hearing, based on "civil rights violations” - failure to provide due process of law - failure for the witnesses to identify themselves according to the laws they are under (Titles) which means disclosure of their bond # and bonding company - because they took an oath to the Constitution, and their actions violated the defendants' (Kleensang's) Civil Rights of Due Process of Law which is fraud which is a felony which is a criminal offense. 


Therefore, 2 Criminal Complaints have been filed into the case already according to what the LAW states is the requirement and process of exposure.  The law ........ Title 18 (at the end), says you're required to tell a judge when one knows of a crime that is about to or has taken place [& the process "to tell a Judge" is by a Criminal Complaint against the one who violated the law, i.e. committed a crime].  If you don't make this information known, then you're liable to go to jail/prison for 3 years!!   


On that day in court a few months ago, the Judge got mad with their “I don’t understand” responses, left the court room, and the Kleensang's were booked into jail for 1.5 hours, when all of a sudden an attorney came and said that "they needed to get out of there. They were not supposed to be in there."  (Evidently someone finally read the papers that they served on the Judge, IRS attorney, & 2 defense attorneys at the beginning of the court process, telling them of the law that states all of the violations committed by even opening up that court case!  Fraud was involved because it deals with the IRS Ashley Thompson, Terresa Lato & others, and there are no sworn affidavits to base the case on . . . not by the Grand Jury or anyone else!!!!!  In fact, right after the 2 defense attorney's got served in court, they looked through the papers, got up and handed them back to the Kleensang's, said "We don't want these," and walked out of the court room!)  This paperwork is powerful stuff, all recorded into the public record, all backed up by notarized affidavits on the defendants' side stating the law for public officials to follow from one end to the other, etc., etc., etc.   


It turns out that when the Judge, F. A. Gossett in Omaha, walked into that court room for that court case, he was carrying a marked paper that was an order to put them in jail ! ! ! ! !   There were "processes" on that paper to go through prior to the item he marked on that paper, but those were all skipped (all Civil Rights violations).  So putting them unlawfully in jail (no charge or anything!!!) was the basis of the 1st Criminal Complaint (which has that paper in it) which was filed against him, plus a follow-up "Distress" which has been filed in the Public Record and served to the Federal Marshal whose job it is to "arrest the bonds" of all listed on that Criminal Complaint.  Also, Judge John M. Gerrard turned the “Criminal” Complaint into a “Civil” action (additional HUGE violations of law now exposed!!), & WHY most people go to jail without understanding the cross-over which is criminal in a civil court!!  And the judges did it!!!


The bottom line of this whole process is to put a Commercial Lien against the bonds of the public officials.  The "ledger" of the lien is all according to the federal Title law, so everything is done "by the book."  EVERYTHING is annotated.  EVERYTHING is supported with laws in the paperwork they are served.  The end game is that the insurance companies will withdraw the bonds and will NOT continue to bond that Public Official, and their criminal actions will remove them from ever again holding a "public servant" job, or being a lawyer/attorney, or anything that requires one to be bonded! 


For this IRS case, a 2nd CC was filed at the same time as the first, for other Civil Rights violations, and tomorrow (Monday, June 11th) a 3rd CC will be filed, plus the required "Distress" docs put into the Public Record and then served to the Marshal again, the Sheriff, and mailed to a "huge list” of bonding companies, State agencies and people, and others connected with the law and commerce in the country, according to the law.  EXPOSURE – PUBLIC NOTICE IS KEY!  This is and will be quite an eye-opener for Public Officials because first of all, even if they say they "know the law," they don't, and don’t know how to be servants to protect us against rogue, criminal, greedy, corrupt, morally decayed public "officers," whether they are elected, appointed, or hired.  The first time anyone takes a penny in return of compensation for their labor, from the "public coffers," (i.e. supposed "taxpayers" money providing for their paycheck), THEY become liable for ALL the laws (the Titles, United States Code adopted into positive law), binding them to their oath (whether they took one or not), binding them to protect the Constitution of the United States of America from ALL ENEMIES foreign AND DOMESTIC!!!!! 


AND it's the "exposure" that is very important.  The main principal who’s written these docs has had police, school board members, and other public officials walk away from their jobs and public service during the past few years.  Another "principal" who used this system of paperwork has had two judges remove themselves from the bench.  It is TIME for all of us, We the People, to begin to learn the law (what our Civil Rights are and the laws which are binding upon our elected/appointed/hired Public Servants/Officers to abide by those laws in order to keep our Civil Rights protected, which is THEIR JOB.)


The bottom line is that there are a couple of very knowledgeable people who've now been working with this kind of process for many years and it's holding the Public Servants' feet to the fire of what the law says, what they're bound by because of having taken an oath, their requirement to produce their bond# and bonding company because they are working with something that has to do with "money" which makes the case have a "commercial / commerce" foundation which aligns it with "criminal."  All violations of Civil Rights (e.g., not giving full disclosure required by the law called Due Process of Law) is fraud which is a felony, which is a criminal activity.   


During these past months there's been a HUGE amount of "Civil Rights" documentation submitted to the growing number of public servant officials who have become "Witnesses after the fact" to this case.  So, because of all of this, it's not known how anything will proceed from Tuesday onward.  In the end, the criminal activity by the Public Officials has GOT TO STOP someplace, and the only way it will happen is for us, We the People to learn, and then use the law to stand up to those who took an oath to protect the Constitution of the United States of America (to keep our rights secured and to keep government out of our lives).


Local Contact:  Donna Kozak - 402-596-1612 (H) 



NOTE:  When you have an affidavit filed in the Court Record, with the laws stated, challenging the opponent’s actions against you, then the following question (re 18 USC § 3; 18 USC § 4) would be your “answer” to their question.  (The other MOST IMPORTANT words in any court case are “I do not consent.” And “I do not understand.”)  But you MUST understand the bonding process that’s behind that.  It’s in a 42-page document, along with Laws to Learn & a few other basics we’ve put together.  ALSO, a VERY important “signing technique” is to see how you put “UCC 1-308” at an angle (7:30 – 1:30 angle) across a “signature line” before you then put your signature (9:00 – 3:00) on the line.  If possible, you do the UCC 1-308 in red & your signature in blue.  BUT before anyone ever does this, you ABSOLUTELY MUST read, learn, understand, and know what and why you’re doing this (to reserve your rights).  I can send you the documents to begin to learn about the foundations of using your Civil Rights.    


What does the court record of my Affidavits show?

18 USC § 3: Accessory after the fact Whoever, knowing that an offense against the United States has  been committed, receives, relieves, comforts or assists the offender in order to hinder or prevent his apprehension, trial or punishment, is an accessory after the fact.

18 USC § 4 Misprision of Felony: Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.

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