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"You Are NOT Alone!"

"To usurp dominion over a people... is to violate that law of nature which gives every man a right to his personal liberty; and can, therefore, confer no obligation to obedience."

- Alexander Hamilton, 1775


Are we there yet ? Most certainly we are a vist to the the doctors office and meds are changed by a doctor who I have never seen before from the Geisinger Med Group.I have been with my doctor since 1991 and on a medication since 1993 prescribe by MY doctor. The doctor I saw claim he is not comfortable in perscribing my current meds.What about me am I comfortable with it ? Since when does feelings have anything to do with medical decisions.Without any regaurds of how I am all feel,y about it gets changed.If it needs changed that should be between me and my doctor who knows my case and has been my doctor for years.I remember aday if your doctor was not available another doctor out of respect for his colleague would just fill the prescription. Will let you know how thats working out for me.Everything I have read on the new Med is not good.

On another note I was contacted last spring by a local company to remove a cross like image on the face of the Mt Nittany Medical Centre new addition In State College ,that one of the Addmin. notice it comming into work on the new build and demanded it be removed. I was then contacted later that same day and told it was delt with.

I also hear on the radio 103 that Dr Glenn Steal of Geisinger Medical Group is in favor of the Obama health care plan, he make's it sound so sweet for Happy Valley. Health care for ALL they Claim ,My question is WHO PAYS FOR IT ? he's as full of crap as a xmas turkey..So at ths point I can only come to one conclusion,our local heath care is now in the hands of the far left Liberals.God Help Us All ...

I let them know in no uncertain terms I OPPOSE the current take over of my Heathcare.Of course a very arrogant response was given.

You will do as I say and who cares how you feel about it, in simple words.

So what does this have to do with the president of Penn State Uv. trips to Cuba a


 Is there a CONNECTION between Education and Healthcare here at a local area  ?  We must ask ourselves these question now and what can we do about it if there is...Who are these people in charge now of these facilities, and who the hell gave them the RIGHT to take over MY LIFE ?

What influance do they have on local politicians

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I heard those ads too! In the past I have visited doctors and specialists who are members of Geisinger Medical Group. Since they have publicly chosen to spend money endorsing Tyranny, I will no longer spend my money with them!
The scary part is its here now full blowen, socialism has slowly been creeping in our area and now full throttle.
And its only going to get worse,so at what point does it implode as history show us it will.


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