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ATTENTION:                                                                                              February 24, 2013

Wells Fargo Bank                                   Bank Manager --Courtney R.Morgan

P.O. Box 930                                           Phone= 308-762-5302

Alliance, NE 69301                                  Fax =308-762-5314


First National Bank of North Platte        Bank President -- John McGhehey

124 West 3rd Street                                  Phone =308-763-2100

Alliance, NE 6930l                                   Fax = 308-763-2121


Security First Bank                                 Vice President -- David D. Russell

P.O. Box 550                                           Phone=308-327-2412

Rushville, NE 69360                                Fax= 308-327-2215


First National Bank of Gordon                President -- Will Isham

P. O. Box 290                                           Phone=308-282-0050

Gordon, NE 69343                                    Fax: 308-282-1103


ISSUE: Your Bank has received money taken unlawfully from the Flying W Ranch Inc. by Dennis D. King, which belongs to Edmond R. and Kathleen M. Jesse. Each of you was previously notified of this SECURITIES FRAUD in the first part of January 2013, in which you have willfully become involved. You were presented with Affidavit Demands to show cause for your actions or return the money. You ignored the Affidavit Demands and refused to answer or return the money to Edmond R. and Kathleen M. Jesse, the rightful owners. Most of this money came from the rustling of over 1000 head of livestock from the Flying W Ranch Inc. This rustling occurred while 74-year-old Edmond R. Jesse and 72-year-old Kathleen M. Jesse were, on August 13, 2012, fraudulently arrested and incarcerated in Box Butte County Jail under Sheriff Tammy Mowry, procured by Sheriff Terry Robbins of Sheridan County Nebraska.

Judge Travis P. O’Gorman, who then recused himself from the case, based this arrest and Fraudulent Jail incarceration upon a civil contempt charge, which only provides for a fine. This action was Premeditated “Economic Assault and Battery.” This is “Patent Evidence” that you are willfully “Harboring Stolen Property.”




Many years ago, this country, as a Colonial Organization, had to bring under Lawful control the King of England, a Megalomaniac, whom was in effect plundering the Colonies of the United States and injuring the colonists who rose up against that plundering. The colonists created an Instrument to describe to the English people their disgust for the King of England. That instrument in the language of today’s law is called a Solemn Recognition of Mixed War. Solemn Recognition of Mixed War is not a declaration of War; it is a claim from the pleading common citizens that they are recognizing that they are being subjected to a War waged against them as Citizens unlawfully by a person having government authority, in this case the King of England. In simple terms, the Solemn Recognition of Mixed War was a Criminal Complaint against the King of England claiming that his acts evinced a design to reduce the colonies under DESPOSTISM.  It was closed with a pleading to the English people to treat the colonists righteously, fairly and justly under the law. The name of this famous Document was the Declaration of Independence.”


The actions against Edmond and Kathleen Jesse parallel this situation on a smaller scale. In the case of the Colonies, the Colonists had to deal with the King of England, the English Parliament and the Bank of England. In the present case of the Elderly Jesses, they are having to deal with the officers of a Corrupt and Un-Just Government Legal system and the officers of the Local Banks who are serving the Purposes and Objectives of those Corrupt Government officers.


One of the conditions, that was later put into the Constitution for the United States of America known as the third Amendment, was the condition that no soldiers would be quartered in a citizen’s house. The court has, in effect, quartered the Banks in the Jesse’s House as Foreclosure Paid Mercenaries controlling the Elderly Jesse’s substance, which the Elderly Jesses need to fight for their rights of Due Process under the Law, fight their court battles and protect their property. By unlawfully withholding and harboring Edmond and Kathleen Jesse’s money away from their use, the Bank and each officer of the bank involved is aiding & abetting a Corrupt Justice system to the effect of Edmond and Kathleen Jesse’s being subjected to “Economic Assault and Battery” by the Bank Officers. The phrase unlawfully withholding and harboring means that you are not responding to Affidavit documents being placed in your hands to be answered timely. You are fantasizing that you are above and beyond the responsibility of responding to the Elderly Jesse’s Affidavits and that your Wealth, Power and Self-Asserted Omnipotence predominate the Rights of the Citizens of America. Your attitude is a psychopathological condition known as Megalomania, but you are not alone in your Megalomania because the Supreme Court of the United States has made a ruling that although the first Amendment of the Constitution for the United States provides that the Citizen has the right to petition the government for redress of grievances, the Government does not have a responsibility to respond to the Citizen’s Petition for redress of grievances. So between the Banks and the Supreme Court we have King George all over again.


You are subjecting Edmond R. and Kathleen M. Jesse to Economic Assault & Battery.”


MIXED WAR: The acts of the Courts, the Sheriffs and other officers of the County and the State governments, including the Banks acting as an extension of the Government Power against the Jesses, has escalated the Government’s and Bank’s behavior to a Declaration of Mixed War against the Elderly Jesses and the Citizens of America.


It is clear that what is being done to the Elderly Jesses, the Government officers and the Bank officers acting in Conspiracy are also willing to do to any member of the Public. This means that the Government officers and the Bank officers, acting as Megalomaniacs, are willing to Conspire to Confiscate the Private property of the American Public.


 See annexed:









See annexed: Affidavit & Demand upon cited Banks & Executives –Jan 4, 2013 –2 pages and Exhibits of 17 pages

See annexed: Affidavit of Material Facts –September 4, 2012 –5 pages

See annexed: Notice to Nebraska State Court Administrator, Janice K. Walker –1 page


Respond to:

Edmond R. Jesse and Kathleen M. Jesse  

1838 405 Trail

Ellsworth, NE 69340-7132


Randall David Due aka Randy Due; Ex. Military (Civil Rights Advocate) Non-union Lawyer pursuant to 42 USC § 1986

Public Minister pursuant to and protected by Public Law 94-583, Oct. 21, 1976 Stat. 2891 [Codified in Title 28 U.S.C § 1602 et esq.]; and Public Law 1790, 1 Stat. At L. 117, Ch 9 [Codified in 22 U.S.C. § 252]; Public Law 1948, Ch 645, 62 Stat. 688 [Codified in Title 18 U.S.C § 112] and Public Law 1871, Ch 22, § 6, 17 Stat. 15; [Codified in 42 U.S.C. § 1986]


179 Green St. E., Pelham, Georgia 31779

Phone: (229) 294-6112                                               

Fax: (229) 294-4594


CC:  Nebraska Supreme Court, Governor Dave Heineman, Attorney General Jon Bruning, DOJ Civil Rights Criminal Justice Division, Comptroller of the Currency, the Public, the Military, and selected Media

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