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"You Are NOT Alone!"

------------------We the People----------------

--- Evil Monsters in DC---

These Evil Monsters in DC are those who are Trashing and Trampling on our Creator and the Constitution.

How do we Stop these --Monsters--- from controlling us from DC--?

#1---County Sheriffs ---Have the Power to Protect Local Citizens from the Monsters in DC.

The Local Sheriff has more Power in his County than the President of the USA does in that county, if he understands his Constitutional office and is Supporting and Defending the Constitution as he was supposed to have taken a Constitutional Oath to do so.

Sheriffs Constitutional Oath of office: “ I, ---------, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; …..” ( Un-Constitutional Laws )

When the Local Sheriff doesn’t understand the Constitution and the Local People don’t understand their God given Freedoms, Rights and Liberties given in the Constitution, how are they going to help the Sheriff protect their Freedoms?

#2 ---County Politicians--- are the foundation that Washington DC stands on. Cut off this Monster’s Snake Head at the Local County Level and you Stop this Liberal Monster Snake. This is foundation for the Evil Monsters in DC.

It is the Local County Political Party Bosses who control who goes to DC.

It is these Local County Bosses who determine who goes to DC and represents We the People in DC.

Tell your County Bosses to go fly a kite, that you shall not vote for –any—Corrupt officials who have Rebelled and Rejected their Creator and the Constitution.

Tell your County Bosses you Will not support anyone who doesn’t support Term Limits on all public officials.

When the County Bosses still try to Trick you into voting for more Corrupt officials supporting these Evil Monsters in DC, Stop doing Business with any Local Business they are connected with in any way. See how long they stay running the show when you Stop their Money flow. If these County Bosses do business with a certain Bank, Boycott this Bank. Boycott every Business these corrupt county officials do Business with and see how fast you Stop this Corruption in DC.

Cut the Monster Snake’s Head off at the Local Level and you have killed this Monster in DC that is Trashing and Trampling on our Creator and the Constitution.

Hold these Corrupt County Bosses accountable and Stop them from doing Business as Usual!

#3 ---Local Schools:--- Teachers Unions are bankrupting every Local Community

This is where it all begins and where we must Stop the Evil Monster.

These Evil Liberals in DC are using their control over our Local schools to Brainwash our Kids into becoming Good Little Socialist Slaves, just like Hitler did.

How are they doing this?

By teaching our Kids they come from Monkeys, Apes, Slime of the ocean or some other such Nonsense, which makes them feel like animals without any feeling that they are someone of Importance or Loved. Then we wonder why our Kids act like Animals.

These Evil Liberals have brainwashed our Kids by removing God and his Morality out of our schools, courthouses and statehouses.

These Evil Liberals are Harassing and Violating the Civil Rights of our ---Good Teachers--- who want to teach our Kids about their Creator and Morality.

This is a Federal Criminal offence per Title 18 section 242 & 241. Learn this Federal Law and learn how to use it to protect your Civil Rights from these Criminal Liberals.

How do we solve this problem?

Stop sending our Tax money to Washington DC. Keep it Locally and run our own Local schools the way we used to and put God and Morality back into the teaching of our Kids.

Start Supporting and Defending every --Good Teacher-- who Believes in and Supports their Creator and the Constitution.

When our Kids have a Loving Father and Mother and are taught that they are Important with God given Freedoms, Rights and Liberties, see how these kids will now respect their parents and grow up to be Good Citizens.

Of course some Parents are going to have to learn to stand up and Love their Kids and Stop abandoning them and start teaching them Godly Principles and Morality at home.

Belief in evolution is Rebellion against Godly Principles! God said he Created man in his own image.--- The first Principle of evolution is built strictly on calling God a Liar. In order for evolution to be a fact, God would have to be a Liar!

The very foundation of evolution is calling God a Liar. God said I Created all things! Evolution states you are a Liar, everything evolved!

The Whole Purpose of the ---National Religion of Evolution--- is to Destroy our Constitution and ---“Fundamentally change America”---!

Our Schools have to teach Morality and Truth once again to our Kids! --Do it Now--!

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