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According to Fox News; Dean Koh, the Whitehouse nominee for Legal Advisor for the Department of State, has described our great country as part of the "axis of disobedience" equating our country to North Korea and Saddam Hussein's Iraq. I am a Vietnam veteran who fought honorably to protect our way of life. I don't know about you, but I believe that protecting our Constitution and Bill of Rights is the duty and privilege of all Americans. The latest news about Dean Koh is that he wants to bring Muslim Shira law to the United States. Shira law allows the murder of non-Muslims and honor kills. We should all be outraged by this latest Whitehouse nomination. I strongly urge all of you to email or call our Senators and tell them not to confirm Dean Koh for Department of State Legal Advisor.

Sources: Fox News;

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Obama winning the election was a real downer....but when I thought of all the leftists and Marxists he'd bring in with him it gave me a chill. This Koh is one of the far. Do you have to hate America to get a job in the Obama administration or is it optional?
Here's a question...

If our government decides to renegotiate our sovereignty by allowing transnationalism to infect and/or stand over our present judiciary and legal system which in turn makes every citizen subject to the laws of the 'international' court, is that not breaking, and in affect, dissolving their present social contract with it's citizenry?

If this is the case, the Constitution and Bill of Rights are nothing but 'straw dog' papers bereft of meaning and value to those that presently abide by them.

We stand at a dangerous crossroad.

Obama promised a 'New Era'.

I certainly see the jeopardy facing us on the near horizon and put my faith in this great Country and her people and know in my heart that we can weather the storms of this administration and the perfect storm that accompanies it together.

Patriotism is going to take on meaning again for the citizens of this Country, or we will all be subjects soon enough.


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