The 9-12 Project of Central PA

"You Are NOT Alone!"

"To usurp dominion over a people... is to violate that law of nature which gives every man a right to his personal liberty; and can, therefore, confer no obligation to obedience."

- Alexander Hamilton, 1775


This is one that take's courage,More than likely you would be standing against local one's in office.They have been the one,s to misuse power for control of the people so they will punish you to the full extent of the very same law that was intented to protect YOU !!!!

You could face jail, heavey fine's and black listed as incorrigible.One person standing alone does not have much of a chance,unless you are one of influence.

Do we have one among us that has influence that will stand on true principle,s ,I have yet to find one elected official that will do so .Many in power do not even recognize that they are in violation of the natural laws, they are that separated from God.

I will stand just as a lone citizen for it is my God Given Right to do so and just say NO come what may !!!

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We need to stand tall and shoulder to shoulder with Arizona and Texas . Pease help our fellow patriots stand and win against Washington DC. Please fly the 3 state flags to show support for Arizona and Texas. And thankyou all for your support.
Yes we do need to stand..And my prayers are with them ..
I tell anyone that will listen that we need to stand with TX. and AZ. The funny thing is morepeople are listening.
Yep your right more and more are waking up..I realy think they just didnt understand or care who the American people are and what we stand for.You can bet they soon will..Makes one PROUD of our fellow Countrymen ..


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