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"You Are NOT Alone!"

---We the People---

Church on Sunday ---Murder on Tuesday

Christians don’t Murder ---or do they?

Catholics, Jews, Baptists, Methodists, Lutherans, Democrats and Republicans, etc surely don’t kill children? ---Or do they? ---Church on Sunday, Murder on Tuesday.

How can anyone go to church on Sunday and on Tuesday vote for a platform that allows for the killing of unborn children and not be guilty of Murder?

Answer: ---Surely it is not a child, it is just a “fetus” and surely it is not Murder, it is just ---Abortion.

Surely a woman has the right to choose, unless she chooses to Murder a child, but it can’t be a child, it is just a “fetus”.

All Christians know whom Mary the Mother of Christ is.

Who could make a better case of having the right to choose, than Mary? ---She did not even participate in becoming pregnant with the Christ child.

Surely Christ was just a “fetus”, but wait ---Matthew 1:18 ---God says that Mary was found with ---child, not with a “fetus”.

Matthew 1:23 Behold, God said a virgin shall be with child, ---again not a “fetus”.

Make no mistake about it every unborn child is a child ---Not a “fetus”.

To every Christian that has just read this, do you dare tell God that every unborn child is just a “fetus” that you have a Right to destroy?

If you continue to believe in this deception by Satan, are you prepared to stand before God with your argument that the Christ child or any child is only a “fetus” and therefore can be destroyed?

Today America has killed over 50 Million unborn children.

The Decline of America shall not stop ---until the Murder of unborn children is stopped. ---America must return to God’s Morality to receive blessings again.

Christians, do not continue to be deceived about the Murder of children. Do not vote for any platform that allows for the Murdering of our Children.

Another article by ---Duzey

If you believe in this message, send it on to all believers who intend to vote Nov. 2nd.

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Agree very much so....


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